Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, Nov. 9, 2015


     How's everyone going! I am doing okay still hanging in there hastening the Lord's work as I continue to serve in Kampong Cham Branch 2, so here's how'd this week went! I am just going to explain some highlights throughout last week:

          After Preparation Day time: We just had a Family Home Evening. Just to help uplift Cho Ra's family. Nothing too huge but fun stuff. Hehe!

          Last Tuesday: We just took time to do service for Bong Pheap doing service along with the Branch 1/2 Sisters organizing 120LBS bags of cement, and bring a couple bags to her new ... property! Yep! Then we just continue to visit the an investigator and members around Phum Taneng. Lastly me and Elder Hall just taught an investigator close to our home "Bung" about the commandments that's important to follow such as remaining Obedient, Praying Often, and reading and studying the scriptures! Throughout this day talk with many people as we go by inviting anyone to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and truths we have to share!    

          Last Wednesday: We visited Bong Nani and his wife to share a spiritual thought with them, so we can know how they're doing. Rean English was okay as me and Elder Hall teach it, cool thing is we had a return appointment with a cool guy who knows some English named Hang! Which I will explain more later on in this post! Lastly we met up an return appointment to meet with someone who wants to familiarize himself about Jesus Christ and what we have to share with him his name is Reasmei! We just explained to him about the restoration and he's cool guy! 

           Last Thursday: Was a okay day nothing too much happen after weekly planning session. We met up with Mang SaChang to teach him about Temples! Which was fun, but necessary to teach simply and fun with him! After that we had met up a new investigator named Bong Load, who wants to learn how to pray and read scriptures. (Reasmei and Load are just the persons we just contact around close to our apartment in the town part of Kampong Cham!) Load's also cool and loves to try to meet us often so he can learn more! Exciting stuff!!!

          Last Friday: After Zone Training!!!... Had a done, a fantastic exchange to work along with..... my MTC companion Elder Hall for a day!!! Was super rainy! We're just going at it contacting some people and inviting people along to learn about the Gospel. One appointment we had is we get to meet up with Hang, it was fun to constantly teach many about the restoration!

          Last Saturday: We did a service project in a far area in Branch 1's area to help open up bags of peanuts to help some members there plants some peanut around there home! Lastly we met up with Rith to explain clearly about the Words of Wisdom and the importance of the Book of Mormon! It was fun to teach him and help him understand clearly about the doctrines of the many things we teach and why we live that way! 

          Last Sunday: We had met 3 new investigators. One them loves to jump over the fence to just come attend church already named Look Poo Sok Ly... hehe he's awesome! Church was great! We did all that's necessary on that day. Wasn't a super easy Sunday,but we've done all we could by talking to some people about who we are why are we here and why the Gospel's important.


          So today in this post I just want to let each of you know I am still doing well! Just want to bare testimony that God still loves us, cares for us, and always wants us stay happy and enduring. Gotta blast quick (today I will visit Phnom Broh)! But I am truly thankful for many of you who kept me in your prayers. With God all things are possible. God's a merciful God. I am here to keep fulfilling HIS Will! Love you all! I am still willing to keep working and serving! Peace out and may the Holy Spirit be with you all!    

 ❤ -អែលឌើរ រស់

"But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." - 1 Nephi 1:20

"The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works." - Psalms 145:9

Here's a randomly huge ... bug. Seems to be a huge Grass Hopper. 

Me and Elder Hall back together for a day!!! YEAH! ...Was super rainy out on this day!

Doing service by opening Peanuts for a members around Branch 1 on last Saturday! 

Just looking rough on the way back from Chuuk the farthest part of our area. Whoo! (Sorry, if I don't look happy in this picture, in reality me and Elder Hall were tired but truly willing to work on finding CBRs over there and finding some people to invite to know of the church or better who we are!)

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