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Monday, Nov. 2, 2015


      Whoo! What's up everybody following up my blogs/ e-mails!? I am still doing phenomenal as I continue to serve in the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission continuing to serve within Kampong Cham Branch 2! Hope everyone had a safe Halloween and remembers God and Christ! Well this is probably one of the funnest and spiritual weeks I ever experienced, despite the negative parts of it here's how'd it all go!:

     After Preparation Day time: As I with Elder Hall, go off to continue serving in this mission we took time to contact on an area around the 3 bridge area of our area in Branch 2. It was fun as we did some contacting not only to do that but to find some inactive members to see if we can meet them in person. It was complicated but fun!
     Last Tuesday: After district meeting, we did a decent amount of contacting on that day and ... that was honestly it... it was a little tricky to find who to teach because throughout that day was the Water Festival! Because we still bother talking to everyone and anyone around parts of our area where we serve, I also took time to help Elder Hall familiarize this area a lot better. 

     Last Wednesday:We met with Bong Nani and an active kid Cho Ra, after that we had a CBR Organizing Meeting which was super good so me, Elder Hall, Sister Harris and Sister Semones can know what to do to take great care of Branch 2! Throughout this day we did a whole lot of English Class contacting so we can have more participants of the Rean English Program. English Class was fun. I shared a spiritual thought about who we really are and Elder Hall translates for me as I bore testimony of the Gospel and why it's important for ALL of us to learn it!  

     Last Thursday: We did some service at Bong Pheaps new upcoming home by placing some new dirt to level the ground out for preprare for the pigs her family will have soon. After that we met up with Mang Sachang to teach simply about Tithing and Fasting! After that we did some weekly planning big time! Whoo! After that we did some CBR hunting and visiting Phum Taneng to familiarize ourselves with the members over there.

     Last Friday: Me and Elder Hall were traveling to the island ounce again to visit Om Khon (not Look Puu Khon or Kon at all yikes!) and Look Poo Piara on that day it was a success to visit both of them. Okay this day was by far one the funniest, spiritual experiences I every had here's how'd all happened: And so after, we met with who we need to meet as we traveled on the island we return back to the boat to return back to Kampong Cham itself to have lunch, on the way back me and Elder Hall contacted a Neakming to invite her to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Neakming was surprised on how Elder Hall speaks Khmer as how me and Elder Hall are explaining to about what we teach about as we contact. Usually as we contact we explain the doctrine that if we follow Christ, we also honor our parents because that's what God commanded us to do, according to one of the Ten Commandments. As the Neakming assumed that me and Elder Hall can't listen Khmer that well, the Neakming was going on ranting about "what happens when Americans die" and "said they get sealed on a cross and rot on it" on the boat.... and so Elder Hall and I listened to that and we explained to her on front of the people who are also riding the boat about Buddhism in a nutshell, what did Buddha proselyted, the incenses on the "Learn Angel" was just from the culture it has nothing to do with Buddha... or Buddhism ... and so on as we explained to the Neakming on front of everyone who she assumed that we can't listen were silenced or laughed so hard because we pretty much told her off by the power of our calling as missionaries. 

       Now, as I am typing this I want to explain in fact that... we're not perfect teachers, but if anyone tries to bash on Christianity we will set things straight so that anyone who knows or wants to know about Christ, will accept the invitation to anyone to come unto Christ! For example a man riding back on the boat answered a question that Elder Hall has for  "Who's responsible for our own sins?".... a Look Poo or that man said "We are"... and Elder Hall and by the power of the Holy Ghost said THAT'S RIGHT! So it was pretty fun contacting on that day. Lots of people were listening to us. Honestly I didn't say too much but I did testify of what Elder Hall has explained is true. 

     Last Saturday: Was the day me and Elder Hall and other companionshipd had to start and finish moving into our new apartment, it was pretty hectic doing so but worth it because it's necessary! After that there's a baptism of the Sister's investigator who's baptized on that day named Oon Hon. It was an awesome experience to come and participate in the Baptismal Occasion! After that was when we went to a big Halloween Party as the 3rd Branch of Kampong Cham. Which was fun to watch the youths and member participate in it. The party in the building decorated so well! Hahaha!

     Last Sunday: Church was wonderful! It was a fast and testimony meeting, I love hearing testimony of the members who are active in the Gospel, YEP! Throughout more proselyting in the morning we visited the 3 bridge area of me and Elder Halls area and then met with a less active Look Poo who only has one leg and invited him to come to church his name is Look Poo Sar! (And he came back to church along with his daughter!) As I serve here I met up with Kim and Rong who came back from a Family Occasion that was a month ago and this shows that Kim as he and his older brother came back, it comes to show a miracle that Kim's still doing what he's suppose to do, and he's still got a desire to be baptized soon!)

Just for a record me and Elder Hall has actually contact for about 84 people to learn about the Gospel and had some return appointments coming around this week woohoo! Such a memorable record as we invite as many we can to learn about Jesus Christ! I am thrilled about this transfer, there's probably some I missed out to explain but this shows about how I am doing as I choose to continue to hasten the Lord's work, I had a good vision for this area I do along with Elder Hall whatever we can to take good of this area with God everything is possible! I am strong believer of Christ as a servant of Him, I know that the Gospel is so important for anyone. I learn the Doctrine of Christ a whole lot better as I bother serving a mission HONEST! Got to blast! It's consistently time for to keep up the Good WORK! YEAAAH!!!

*sorry if the grammar in this post is awful. 

But to add one thing I thankful for all who's rooting for me! God bless you all so much!

 ❤ -អែលឌើរ រស់

"Remember faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance,patiencebrotherly kindnessgodliness, charity, humility,diligence." - D&C 4:6

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." - John 3:16

When Elder Hall and I "burnt" a Neakming explaining what Christianity is, and who we are ... and explained Khmer Buddhism in a nut shell. HA! (So, here's a selfie of me and him one of funniest.. and honestly spiritual experience I had as I served here.)

Once again Happy Halloween! (I love how Vannath, the piano player of Branch 2 -Me and Elder Hall's area decorated a lot of the Branch 3 building for Halloween.)
I was a ខូច missionary for Halloween. (Not really, still staying hard working as I serve here in Kampong Cham! Calm down everyone.)

Me and other missionaries of the Kampong Cham District! Yeaaaah! 

Me and 2 more companionship's new apartment....SO EPIC! Yeah! I felt like as if we have re-generated TARDIS (few will get this reference) or something. Very nice home we're we can feel the Holy Spirit better! (Very hectic on that one day as me,  Elder Hall and other companionship move in, but it was all worth doing just to keep up the work in Kampong Cham!) 

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