Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017

                    Hey everybody, I am going to be heading out to Siem Reap!!!!! Therefore this episodes kind under contruction.... (yeah it is!!) So, I am still alive I am just going to go chill with my current MTC Folks on the trip to Siem Reap!  My honest reaction is I can't believe I am actually almost done with my mission! Geez, "I don't want to go" the tenth doctor from Doctor Who says! I just want to send this letter out to show that I love each of you, I still love my mission. And there will be a crazy amount of details about how my experience on my last week proselyting and the trip to Siem Reap. I got to go ALLONS-Y!!! STAY FANTASTIC EVERYBODY AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Will be posting better soon! :D

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏 💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់សួស្ដី!,
      How's it going everyone! I came across a lot during last week, for example.... had MLC last Tuesday, which was awesome as usual. Some of you may not know what MLC, so it's know as Missionary Leadership Counsel, just getting business, etc, so me and Elder Rom including Sister Hall and Sung can prepare Zone Training! :D After. that we met with Om Sophal, the "doctrine" master that is less-active, he's actually super good guy just loves to talk a lot more than discussing about the scriptures, the ironic thing is we just help him study the scriptures just starting all the way at Chapter 31st of 2 Nephi  I still love this member though because he does got potential! :D

    Unfortunately during Wednesday I got sick to the point that I can't move or do much, so I had to rest for while.... then later on we met with one of our investigators known as Bong Dina, and there's REAN English Program, at the end of the program I was asked before Class was started by Sister Heang if I can share the spiritual thought for this week I accepted.
     The spiritual thought I shared with in this Class session wasn't something new, but I shared to spread the clarification. On behalf of the Holy Ghost, I felt the impression to simply explain how can 1 be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Starting to learn about the Restored Gospel is not how one can become a member of this church! I asked members that and they know.... what I love about the spiritual thought is I simply allow the congregation of students and members participate in this thought I have and I simply support what members answered with the scriptures for example with 3 questions:
1.Is it true that you become a member of the church, you're actually dishonoring your parents and your family?
A: Not true, see Mosiah 13: 20, or better if those have a Christian Background like I did before search up Exodus 20:12

2. Does only Me sharing a spiritual lesson with my companion to someone learning for the first qualifies them as a member of the church? 
A:No, few members responds that it takes from having faith in  Jesus Christ, to....... convert/ repent, become baptize and receive the holy ghost! (Even enduring to the end to treasure the joy of understanding and keeping God's commandments.) (See 2 Nephi 31)

3. What gift do we actually receive as soon as one become baptized and confirmed a member of the church!? 
A: "After we become baptized we actually receive the Holy Ghost that is the gift" ,Our beloved recent convert Bong Roatha responded. How true it is! (Please see 2 Nephi 32:5) Here I shared insight on how important for all of us to receive this precious gift so we can see the joy of applying the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

        My fellow beloved followers of my post, this one of my biggest evidence on how much I love my mission, I was called by God by a living Prophet to share the truth with those of MY HERITAGE who don't know much about the gospel and yet I seen miracles just from trusting God and the holy ghost to help me help them get there! This is why as of today my testimony of God that he's indeed an awesome God because with him WE can do the impossible! I love this church because this church has taught me that a lot clearer than I ever learned in my life.

        Last Thursday, after Weekly Planning, we came across meeting with Om Sophal once more to read with him from Chapter 1 of 1st Nephi and now he's on Chapter 3... it takes a lot patience to see others grow. :) After that we met with Dave to read with him in the 18th of 1st Nephi and then met with Om Lot one of our newest investigators, on this day and time we had one of the best member helps in the Chomkarmon Branch known as Pu Bun Thuan the MVP who annihilated a lesson relating to praying often and then tagging along with it his family members including his current wife joined it was pretty brutal!

        Friday, Zone Training was great pretty straight forward! Then later on we met with one of our members such Bong Atit along with Bong Mony join to share about hope! 

      Church was great despite the broken microphone! Will send another part soon! From Siem Reap! Stay FANTASTIC!!!! God bless you all!

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏 💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់😇👥

Monday, Jan 2, 2017

            Hey everybody who are present for this post! Last week was a blast here's why!:
1: Bong Roatha our investigator became a new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
2: We had a blast at a Christmas Party eating BawBaw and Shish Kebabs!
3: We are starting to have morning Church! Yeah! Hahaha!

              Well, I don't have too much to post for this week but I told you all that miracles can happen in this mission I truly believe in them. I love this mission it means everything to me and I still got a lot to do for the rest of my 5-6 weeks of my mission! Love you all! Hugs and blessings to you all! Will posting next week! 

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់😇👥

Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017

             Hey how's it going everybody hope all of you had a Merry Christmas! I was over at a video game shop trying to access my skype and turns out I have no access on it. So for this extra post for new years I'll just share more of what's been going on in my mission, for time to go on our mission. We came across meeting Bong Roatha he's still working back to his true baptismal date it takes time. We came across meeting a new investigator that was a former investigator known as Bong Than, Pu Sok San (LA)'s Sister, we shared about God's plan with her, however, we somewhat have a educational barrier because she doesn't know how to read. *sigh* It's a struggle for some people in Cambodia who knows how to speak the Khmer but yet they don't know how to read, don't get me wrong as I post this. However, I still hope for the best for those me and Elder Rom continues to serve.

             I don't have too much to post in this upcoming one because it's been a awesome Christmas and New Years are come out soon for 2017, hope I can be able to start 2017 well with Elder Rom doing all we can it our part in this mission. We're still working hard here.

TRANSFER CALL ALERT: Elder Rom's going to "kill" me for the rest of my mission! Remaining in Chamkarmorn for one more transfer #shawties! It's going to fun and I still believe in miracles!

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់😇👥

Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016

     Hey everyone that's present in this post, oh jolly I have a lot to share concerning what happened throughout this week it's unbelievable. However, I learned a lot. Oh and 1 more I want to follow up on this IMPORTANT QUESTION that I titled on an episode a long time ago! IS A CUCUMBER A FRUIT OR A VEGETABLE?! Hahaha just kidding if none of you all want to answer that!

    Biggest highlight of the week was that we thought that we were sure that me and Elder Rom were going to have a baptism last Saturday but it didn't... I learned a lot on that day... now Elder Ros why is it that you claimed that you learn a lot on that day when one of your investigators was going to get baptized? Because you never know when a somewhat active member dragged one of our baptismal candidates and bring him to a job that's hiring this active member and one of our investigator, that one investigator's known as Bong Roattha. Me and Elder Rom were so excited and we thought he's going to be the one to be a baptism that broke the Chomkarmon Branch History because this poor branch hasn't got a baptism for about a year! It's ridiculous! Me and Elder Rom were so depressed on last Saturday thinking that our investigator will show up to his baptism. On top of that it was going to be a super special one many other members who were so consecrated in this branch were so excited and ready to get this baptism ready to tag along with Toul Tom Pong and Chaktomok.
     Note: You never know when any member of the church becomes unwise when they make it super obvious that they prioritize finding a job for an investigator rather than helping him take on the sacred covenant. "Oh makes a lot of sense!" *sigh* That's okay I am that upset as I type this post up but I say that it's important to realize that God still has a plan for everyone including me, maybe this investigator wasn't ready to be baptized because he hasn't been studying his scriptures on his own.

       Everyone I just want to bare witness that Satan's a real hypocrite and he does a good job dragging others to throw them off their precious potential. That's it I don't care anymore. I still SEE THAT BRIGHT FUTURE STILL THERE as I remain Zone Leader in the South Zone. Me and Elder Rom are still kicking Satan's butt out there in the field. I'm not going home whether I am trunky or not. "This mission is a launching pad" - Elder Rom
      How right he his as he explained his own quote throughout this past transfer! It was a lot of fun yet it was tough. Me and Elder Rom are really trying out best. On top I'll just quickly type up a gratitude list real fast even though Thanksgiving is over..... I am grateful for new investigators willing to learn such as Bong He and Bong Dina. That even incudes "new" less active members to meet and find! It's a lot of fun serving in this mission. Honestly, helping Less-Active members is just as awesome privilege than helping an investigator reach to his baptismal date. Let me explain that a little more, last Friday me and Elder Rom find a Neakming know as Ming Van Ni while find a less active member know as Bong Vibol. Finding the lord's lost sheeps make a huge impact in this mission. I testify that if we continue to forget ourselves and go to work, the miracles and blessings God will gives will be there even when it is not super obvious.
     It's in my humble prayers that all of you reading this post will have a fantastic Christmas. May we all remain a light of Christ as we continue working on the lord's vineyard. I still love my mission, I don't give up on my investigators yet they give themselves, now it's time to stay stubborn and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ because the gospel will help us maintain love, patience, and charity for each other to make our Heavenly Father's world a better place to endure our lives in! I love you all and I am thankful for those who follows my e-mail, and responds to them. It actually means a lot me. Today at these day here's another idea I realized that can help us endure to the end. When an enemy does bad to us I would encourage this... keep praying for our enemies, remember Jesus Christ was hated by his own people as well to the point he was crucified. And I stand as a witness that I have been hated as a deliberate disciple of Christ and sounds crazy as I type but I LOVE IT why? Because I love do what Jesus would even though I am not perfect at it!

     Got to dash in this Sunny... Christmas! Stay safe out there all of you have a Fantastic Christmas. Here I go going back to work! BABAAAAY! (Man, I am so nervous because Transfer Call's coming soon already and I have 1 more transfer to take down.) Geez, as much as I would love to return from my mission to start hugging girls in the Singles Branch or something, I love this mission so much that is my honest reason why I don't want to return from my mission early! AHHHHH!)

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់😇👥

"Jesus Calmed the Storm and So Can You

Jesus understood that life’s storms can take many shapes. Some storms rain down from the sky; other tempests come from within. The Master can calm all storms. When we follow His example, we can be a light in the lives of those going through turbulent times." -LDS.org
 "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;"- Matthew 5:44
"But behold I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you;"- 3 Nephi 12:44