Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016

           How's it going my beloved friends all over whose looking over my posts! Last weeks been a crazy week! However, it got done anyways so I'll give brief details for this week and how'd it all go!:

           District Meeting was fantastic were discussing last Tuesday about the 1st 2 points such as having FAITH and REPENTANCE of the Gospel of Christ clearly as a district!
 Last Tuesday, I had a exchange with Elder Allred from Detroit Michigan serving in Branch 2 for that day one more time throughout this day we've been visiting less actives along with an active member that wants to help other members come back to church already! (Then we visit some investigators Branch 2 Elder scheduled had prepared for me to meet.) and Friday I had the chance to have Elder Denkers again to serve with me in my area in BAKOU for the day and my last time proselyting in Bakou visiting, a less active member I haven't met for a very long time in this transfer name Kumlin, then another member name Pu Sophal,  a recent convert Ming Sarun and her son (Bong Songha who's been called as a Sunday School Teacher in Bakou yesterday) and then a couple of active families! Learned a whole lot from Elder Denkers and Elder Allred of them! 

         Wednesday for REAN English Program was hectic but okay... had a lot of students attend in Bakou! About 11 students came today! SWEET! On that time was kinda hectic because 11 participants were playing another game called "Do you love your neighbor?" (Trying to related to clothes in English in the game!) Then I shared a very honest spiritual thought about being forgive for each other.

         Last Thursday was a very unique day, so after Weekly Planning Session, we went out to do service for a Ming in our branch helping her again on lifting dirt, while that was going things were being fixed in our apartment then all of a sudden as me and Elder Bostrom left the keys to them for us to trust as their taking care of what needs to be done at the apartment as we did service, we returned and can't find anyway to get in until Branch President of TK1 gives us the key back... otherwise when we had a hard time getting back into proseltying clothes we still taught a lesson about the atonement with Noreah to help him understand the atonement a lot clearer as he's being baptized soon. Then, later on me and Elder Bostrom approached a Buddhist Khmer Monkwho's been coming to the church building to learn English mainly from Branch 2 Elders, we then had a unique discussion about religion and this monk has been opened to understand about our beliefs. (Even the God we believe in.)

       Last Saturday, we were making sure if our recent converts such as Ming Pan/ the 3 kids Odom, Banna, and Bannat is still doing alright and if she/they needs any help on anything! Also on that day we also taught Roath and help him understand the restoration a lot better from the BOM stories. Yep, yep!

           Great or (BEST) news
       So from last Sunday one of our investigators Roath had recieved his confirmation and became a member of The Church woohoo! Plus, another one of our investigators named Noreah recieved his Baptism as he's prepared! He also bore that he know that the church he will became a member in soon is TRUE! My goodness I am going to miss this investigator so much and I know he'll stay active in the gospel along with other recent converts who I visited along with Elder Bostrom.

      I kid you all not, I am eternally grateful to serve the entire area of Ta Khmau in my mission experience I've learned so much for real! My love on serving my divine heritage by sharing Christ's doctrine is still ENDLESS!!!! I will not give up serving and I know I can still do with God all things are possible! I've seen a ton of miracles happen in these areas as I served with Elder Xiong and Elder Bostrom in TK1 and Bakou! I love my mission so much! I can across so many things as I serve with all I could as I returned to Ta Khmau and done my best with Elder Bostrom. (The following is the main reason why this post is a Season Finale.):


      TRANSFER CALL ALERT: Well, I am officially done serving the entire area of Ta Khmau and Bakou for my entire mission experience.... I DID IT ALL! Because I am going to Steung Mean Chey 3rd Ward to serve with one the funniest Elders in the mission Elder Reeves , he's a awesome guy and I am very exited to serve with him can't wait to get to know him, the ward and the work!!! However, I am sad to leave Elder Bostrom soon as he's about to stay in Ta Khmau to continue to serve there along with his MTC companion again next transfer WOW! Yes, Elder Hall ("The Biggest Loser", toughest debater in Utah) I am so happy and blessed with the privilege to serve with Elder Bostrom throughout last Transfer I'll miss serving with him by a whole lot! And most of all I'll miss every single souls who I touched and invited to come unto Christ!  Well, this is all I would love to post for this week  Will be posting next week! I'm still choosing to keep working or better yet be more self-less as much as necessary each and everyday in my mission! Hoped to stay strong! Looking forward to see more miracles happen as I keep serving my mission with all of my companions especially!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Got to go! I've got a lot to do on this week! Whoo! I am pumped for my next area bring it on "Garbage Mountain"!😎 (I hate saying good-byes because I love my divine heritage so much as I kept sharing the gospel of Christ! Well here I go!) 

 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA
P.S. I will not give holding to the iron and not give up holding on ever, as I'm His soldier! (My language in Khmer's still growing and I know that the gospel of Christ is true and blesses our lives each and everyday!)
"And they said unto me: What meaneth the rod of iron which our father saw, that led to the tree? And I said unto them that it was the word of God; and whoso would hearken unto the word of God, and would hold fast unto it, they would never perish; neither could the temptations and the fiery darts of the adversary overpower them unto blindness, to lead them away to destruction. Wherefore, I, Nephi, did exhort them to give heed unto the word of the Lord; yea, I did exhort them with all the energies of my soul, and with all the faculty which I possessed, that they would give heed to the word of God and remember to keep his commandments always in all things." - 1 Nephi 15:23-25
Because I am using a internet cafe that can't download Anti-Spyware or Virus Removal on this day. I will need to hold off pictures for next week if anyone of you can shoot a reminder a round next P-day that'll be fantastic, that if you guys really want to see what's been going on since then! Love you all, God bless you all!

 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016

         What is up my beloved individuals who's currently reading this post! Whoo! What a week it was last week especially my Birthday that happened! Lots has happened throughout last week. I'll do my best to explain what all pretty much happened last week! 

         So I am going to start with explaining  that through this week we were checking out our investigators, and recent converts in Ta Khmau to see how they're doing since last Monday and Tuesday, 
so Odom, Banna, and Bannat are still doing just better yet they're (as in Odom and Banna are getting in involved a lot with Seminary in our Branch Building. Awesome!) Also, we talk with very few people to learn about Christ walking around certain parts of our to get our teaching pool going throughout this transfer! Roath one of our investigator has been preparing for his Baptism already, so has he learn everything about the church at first we just decided to shared with him some Book of Mormon (Children) stories to help him understand the Book of Mormon a lot better! He's been do great then! We also met Roattha (another one of our investigators) to see how's he doing, he'll still take much more work with enable for his to get up to his potential! Love him though! Noreah's been doing fantastic in fact he's ready to recieve his Baptism the next upcoming Sunday already. He's been solid since he decided to stay consistent on coming to church to partake of the blessing he earns from attending Church every Sunday since I started serving Ta Khmau again! I love my investigators so much! 

     REAN English Class/ Program's been fun if some of you may see from my selfie down after this post, we were teaching them about families. Them as in those that attend the program at the church building in Bakou! It's been fun and again Elder Bostrom decided to play the four corners game "family"style which was super fun to those that attend this session and all pretty much had fun! After that I shared a spiritual thought about spreading Love to our own families because that is one of the things God and Christ does in our lives whether we see it or not ... LOVES us! Referencing from Moroni 7:45-the End of Chapter. YEP! I know that it's importance for us to develop Charity within our lives and share love enable for peace to truly dwell with us! For real! 

        Further more details of how'd this week went we found a new investigator from Bakou that's from one of our members in Bakou named Bong Songha! His name is Hong! He's started learning with us since he's been coming to Rean English with Songha! He's been doing awesome since he decided to learn with us. He'll take some work of course! (He's been committed to be baptized on May 29th! since he was taught about the Restoration, and God's plan for us!)  I was amazed that he even came to church as well in Bakou! What a miracle I say! Mhm! #PlantingSeeds

        Throughout Last Saturday on my Birthday (besides the obvious surprise Elder Bostrom set me up in the Ta Khmau Branch Building) while proselyting in Bakou there's been a crazy amount of activities going around the area. (It's been weird because it's all happening on my birthday like festivals- Weddings, Buddhist stuff, and rice harvesting celebrations were going all around the area on this Saturday.) Disregarding the activities we're still doing what we're suppose to do like making sure that all we visit like the members are doing alright! Yep! 

        Now, about Church....Church's been doing better and better! Best news of this post is another one of our investigators Roath received his Baptism! He was super happy and excited to receive one! Plus, he's been supported a whole lot by his family including his older sister Lina! It's such a fantastic blessing and privilege to all that me and Elder Bostrom has taught so far in this Transfer and see who they will become. I'm grateful to preach the gospel to anyone that really wants to learn such as my divine heritage! No matter the hardships I still go through in my mission I know that I do has been worth doing for my whole entire lifetime. I know that Missionary Work what I am doing is obviously the Lord's work, as long as I remain in tune with God's will, I strongly believe that I am still fulfilling my role in my/this mission! 

       Well, this is all I would love to post for this week thank you who's wished me a Happy 20th Birthday, God bless each and everyone of you! And even God bless the current Mission District in Ta Khmau that wanted me to have a awesome birthday! Stay fantastic my beloved friends stay safe and blessed! (Hoped you guys had a great Valentines Days as well, I got myself to love for this Valentines Day. Hahaha!)  Will be posting next week! I'm still choosing to keep working or better yet be more self-less as much as necessary each and everyday in my mission! Hoped to stay strong! Looking forward to see more miracles happen as I keep serving my mission with all of my companions!!!  


 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA

 "Therefore, would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good worksthat Christ,the Lord God Omnipotentmay seal you his, that you maybe brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal lifethrough the wisdom, and power,and justice, and mercy of hiwho created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen." - Mosiah 5:15

P.S. I just finally upgraded to new clothes! Can't to find how I look with them soon and hope they fit because I literally changed alot throughout my experience in my mission. 

The seriously fantastic BBQ from last P-Day/ Last Monday! (At South Stake Center with other Elders!)

Trying to find the right Selfie of How's REAN going in Bakou! (This should be it!) Last week still going good! Learned about Families in English! 

My Birthday Cake. (The current Mission District in Ta Khmau surprised me with.) 

My 20th Birthday celebrated dedicated from my current Mission District of Ta Khmau! Love them so much especially the members there as well! God bless you all! 

Well, another Baptism has official happened yesterday, everyone this is Roath! .....(Next to Elder Bostrom!) Yeahhh!

Looking stylish! Hahaha! I am going to miss serving in Ta Khmau and Bakou hope to treasure the rest of my transfer here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

            To whom that's currently reading my posts.... WHAT'S GOOD?! Hahaha Still going wonderful here in Ta Khmao Branch 1 and Bakou. Can't believe I am about to spend my 20th Birthday in my Birth Area... Ta Khmao....YEP! Well,here lies some wonderful highlights and miracles that's been going on from last week and the other things that happened last week!:

           Fantastic news is since as of Last Sunday Bannat has officially been confirmed and became a member of The Church! Mhm! Plus, also one of our recent converts Banna has received the Aaronic priesthood to be a teacher! Oh! Fantastic! Oh... FANTASTIC! Church was getting better as the transfer goes on. Thanking Branch 1 for doing home teaching Yeah, yeah! 

           Throughout the week, we were taking time still updating a whole in our apartment making sure most of what we do here is accurate otherwise, we are still taking care Ming Pan and see how she's doing and turns out she's becoming an awesome recent convert already she's also bored an awesome testimony of the truthfulness of the Church yesterday and the things she's done to endure her problems! Also we've been working with Noreah a very active investigator still doing wonderful, Roattha we're still working on him along with his dad! And one of our investigators Roath (11 years old, smart kid) or his actual true name Vathana has been ready to recieve his baptism next week woohoo! So happy for him that he's ready as he learned the gospel with us even with Elder Xiong from last transfer!

           REAN English Class's still going good now that we've done some changes in the program! We just talked about good behaviors in English which was fun and straight forward. Me and Elder Bostrom met long term less active members that needs some work such as Srey Pech and her brother, they've doing alright except they need to come back to church even though they do show up to English Class!

           On Thursday, we had Zone Conference which was awesome because he had learned a lot about the importance of having very effective Personal Study which is crucial to what me and other missionaries need to do everyday. 

           On Friday, I had a exchange with the one and only Elder Denkers, from Idaho Falls, Idaho! Had a fantastic time visiting back at where I started serving my mission serving with Elder Denkers, been visiting Poo Sen's wife and other members I can remember serving, and actually other members I didn't have the chance to visit when I started serving. Was a memorable exchange.

            So this is all I wanted to report of how am I doing in the mission just wanted to give a shout out for Elder Hollenzer from last weekend who came along with me, Elder Bostrom and the Meinzers to Bakou! Which was fun. Church in Bakou was fantastic just "rescued" a couple souls as they returned to Church they are doing awesome! One of them is making a goal to someday go serve a mission.

            As I am developing my Khmer some of you may ask about how's it going. Well, I am still learning and it takes a whole lot of patience to speak Khmer well even when I'm a Khmer-i-can. Other than that my love for my divine heritage is still endless. I love doing the things that Christ would and that's I want to conclude today.

           If any of us is having problems including on ourselves, I would invite you all to ponder about this one question and apply the answer you feel (impressions) to yourselves....WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Know that if you feel impressions that are postive, I can testify to you all that's simply the Holy Ghost! If we keep doing what would Jesus do that's how anyone can develop Christ-like attributes and become truly happy. Of course, life's not easy or fair however if we keep allowing the Gospel of Christ to help us endure to the end that's how each and everyone of our souls have salvation! I know that The Gospel of Christ is true it's helped me a lot and I can tell you all the way it's helped many of those, who longed hear about The Gospel and truth, even members here NEEDs the constant reminder very oftenly. And so I end this post in the sacred named of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Stay fantastic each and everyone of you, Happy Chinese New Year to those that somewhat celebrate it apparently this country celebrates it as well, we'll see how this week will go. Happy Birthday to me in advance! Hahaha! Gotta blast! Got more work to keep doing! (Plus, Happy Valentines day as well in advances!)
 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA

"For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God." - Moroni 7:16

Our ties matched throughout this day, love working around Steung Chroev! (They're purple with same design!)

Pretty how's REAN going in Bakou still good!

Well, this is probably the first and last time I ever do the duck face. Haha! (Zone Conference)

The blurry selfie with Elder Denkers from the exchange last Friday. (Woops)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016

       My beloved friends who are reading this update, I am still going great and still doing my best along with the excellent Elder Bostrom! Will be just showing up fantastic news of how'd week went!

       So I mainly want to announce that one of our investigators named Bannat became baptized yesterday and next week he will be confirmed to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost next week! Yeah-heah! បាទ! So attendance in church wasn't super great, but still felt the spirit even with those who we visited like some members in Bakou. Last week, was less stressful because pretty much throughout this week we're just doing the best we can to stay on top of things no matter what happens!

        I've been visiting along with Elder Bostrom with some recent converts and less-actives, we felt the need for us visiting them, some were great and still enduring well, and some well... they still need some help to keep being uplifting them, and guiding them to endure. That includes one of our investigators that's in Chak Angre, which is part of our area. He's having a very hard time with the words of wisdom and his dad wants to help him but refuses the help and was upset that he realized he need to stay commited to word of wisdom but he realized that it's difficult. So we'll be on top of that see what we can do to invite him closer to Christ as he follows the words of wisdom, this special investigator's named Roatha by the way. Really great guy love him so much for having a desire to learn about Christ along with his Dad, but hopefully he'll soften his heart and he'll progress back! Wait and see! 

      Wednesday and Friday concerning Bakou- Rean English Programs still a success! Actually, it's beyond that since Elder Bostrom came up with a ingenious game to help them learn English such as "Four Corners" with some emotions. Hahaha! Fun stuff! We're still visiting members over there and looking for new referrals over there. Nothing yet throughout the week, but we'll find some soon hopefully! 

       Branch 1 in Ta Khmao and Bakou still needs some more work, but me and Elder Bostrom got this along with the companionship of the Holy Ghost! That's the bottom and I know that we can do it!

      So I just want to summarize that I am still going strong and I know that if me and Elder Bostrom keeps on relying on God at all things we need to do. He'll keep guiding me and Elder Bostrom on the things we truly need to do for both of the areas. We'll do great things and still witness miracles come out each time out of the time! We're still working hard with many souls out here for the rest of this transfer, and I am confident that we can do it! With God all thing are possible! I've learn lot serving here in Cambodia and I know there's still many things I need to learn while serving. I am confident if we "walk the walk" that's how we all can be happy as we keep applying the Gospel in our lives. Period.

      I love this mission and I won't give up serving here I know I can do it along with Elder Bostrom! Best yet with God to. Have to go! Stay fantastic and blessed everyone! Elder រស់ still lives on! I am still here to serve my divine heritage with love! 
 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA

"Wisdom is the principal thingtherefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. "- Proverbs 4: 7,23,26

I believe some Elders even Elder Bostrom will appreciate the many things that's updated to see how the work's going here for the both areas! (Throughout this transfer!)

I guessed I synced in to the Rean English Program very well do I? Hahaha!

While checking out at Bakou, visiting a less-active member that's isn't there in Bakou for a while as try to wait patiently. Just wanted to take this waiting selfie! Hehe! 

Yep. It's this young guy Bannat is who I am talking about he's the last of the active member's cousins (besides Odom and Banna) that's learned with us and became prepared and did this sacred covenant! (Second Person I ever perform a baptism for! He picked me to do so it's done!)