Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday, May 16, 2016


        How's it going everybody!!! I am still doing fantastic, while me and Elder Slavens are just doing our roles here in this area! I really love serving this area! Here are the details how'd last week went!:

     Well we did joined a family home (Last Monday) that our recent convert wants us to joined which is Sou! He's still being awesome! 

   Last Tuesday, after District Meeting we're just doing all we can for today but none our appointments went through which is okay because me and Elder Slavens loves to talk with any body out on the streets over here.

   Last Wednesday, we were taking a portion of the day for us to contact around our area with the Vietnamese Elders except on this day I was with Elder Ngyuen not the picture you guys saw last week that looks Vietnamese that's another legend named Elder Guang! After that we met a new investigator we never really had a christian background but prayed for his 1st time after meeting/ learning a lesson with us this investigator's name's Seha! He's a cool guy. He did came to some other church before but he didn't know why there's different sects so we explained to him and it made sense to him. After all of that we had the Rean English Program which involves driving cars and knowing transportations. Later on we shared a spiritual thought about the ATONEMENT! 

    Last Thursday, well... blessedly me and Elder Slavens went out as early as we can to go out and proselyting or otherwise we couldn't get anything done... for example or here are some details, we were going to visit a member that's less-active that we thought is there but isn't but instead we contact as much as can around his home talking to some people that are establishing houses, then later we met with Non one of our investigators to re-discuss God's plan and the Family History Books! (Plus, how they relate!) Turns out the lesson's great... he gets it but has a long way to go to up to his potential. Still believe he can make it someday to become a member! Now the blessed part since then... after a big I am in charge of Weekly Planning... one of my biggest weaknesses in the mission. It takes a whole lot of time to recieve revelation and inspiration to know where should we go through each day of the next week and prayerfully hoping those we strive to meet can follow up or make it to meet with us in the following days.

It took me and Elder Slavens, mostly planning for the area for a week took me 7 hours to do a Weekly Planning Session now some of you would say..... in PMG it say that you shouldn't take more than 3 hours to weekly plan.... well it's got to be all done some how! Hahaha! (Good thing we proselyted early enough!)

  Few more days going by including Rean English Program and Church in Sunday's still excellent but through this weekend was "The King's birthday" which lasted 3 days treating this holiday as if it's Khmer New Year. *sigh* But that's okay we're still doing our best here! 

       TRANSFER CALL ALERT! We received a transfer call just last Sunday and me and Elder Slavens are serving with each other for 1 more transfer in Teuk La'ak! Round 2 in Teuk La'ak BABY!!! YEAH!!! Gotta to dash back into this great cause real fast! I still know that this Church where I am serving in Cambodia is truly true. I won't deny my testimony and me (including Elder Slavens) are choosing to PREACH IT ALL! Get ready to get cleaned "Dirty Water"! 

      Well, God bless each and every one of you stay phenomenal and blessed! Will be posting next week!

🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់  known as Elder Ros the Elder that stills lives on! 


"Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." - Ephesians 6:1 (VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD SCRIPTURE! LET US ALL APPLY IT AS NECESSARY!)

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