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       Sup everybody since last Monday I wasn't able to post due from to the accepted trip to another province in Kompong Speu. Which was one of the most funnest P-days Ever! Hahaha! Well, here how'd this week went in a nut shell!:

     Last Tuesday was ELDER SLAVEN'S 20th BIRTDHAY! YEAH! We celebrated just by having lunch in one of our investigator's mom's restaurant called Hang Ni which was full of delicious food then after that as me and Elder Slavens ate lunch at the restaurant along with the current Office Elders we were searching for a member's home all over the area along with Elder Lambert who serve here for about a year ago. Was tough but was productive when we get to contact people about the gospel on the way! 

     Last Wednesday, we decided to contact around our area for new investigators then we came across meeting with Om Mong one of our greatest members in the Ward! His love for the gospel is so strong it's not even funny. I love this Om and he loves us because of the importance of this Church! Later, on we had REAN English Program once more the lesson was based on grammar and even helping other student think and understand English further more like speaking in Khmer and even have them translate our questions and sentences into English! 

    Last Thursday, after RIBS and Weekly Planning we decided to take the rest of the time proselyting by contacting others around concerning the gospel still going hard as necessary in the area! Then I had an exchange with one of the "youngest" missionaries in the mission which is Elder Harris beginning on the evening!

     Last Friday was straight forward, the exchange with Elder Harris was fun leading the area was interesting going round 2 on actually leading around the area! As far as the week went we don't have much lessons but pretty much we're still consistent on doing something better than nothing! 

      Last Saturday, we had the REAN English Program again same format of teaching except we had a game with a "Cop finding the Criminal"! Which was fun! Then unfortunately, I caught a fever and got sick... which means I literally can do much until I recover up! 

     Yesterday was father's day and Church's still wonderful as usual! After church we had a treat time for fathers by eatting bread with sweet stuff or in romanized Chageddi!  Before church we a big contacting event along with the VanBrocklins going around the North Stake Area to contact people about the church that's around and very close to it! 

     We I still believe in miracle we're still giving our best as much as necessary! My languages doing alright still growing just me getting is what seems to be getting in the way! I hope I'll feel better soon so I can give all I got along with Elder Slavens throughout the rest of this transfer! Gotta go, stay fantastic you all and may God bless you! Thanks to you that's still keeping me in your prayer you guys are literally the best... for real! 
🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់  known as Elder Ros the Elder that stills lives on! 😇💊🛡🛃

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."  -PROVERBS 1:7

Note: Some of the picture was from Kompong Speu last Monday which was .... I'll admit again FUN! 

Taking contacting to another level I say! Prepare for the Gospel Cambodia seriously it's still here and spreading! 

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