Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The MTC Era Episode 1 - Monday Jan 26, 2015

Cumriabsua! To everybody who I have a chance to contact at this time of P-day!,

 I am having a very wonderful time in the Provo MTC! However, in the first day in the 21st I was terrified for a bit after I got dropped-off by the Hansen's. Because when I entered in the class the Lookkruus or the teachers spoke pure Khmer as my mission language to me. I tried to give all I got when they're speaking in the Khmer language as I am introduced to them when I know very little of the language but turns out that they need to speak the language and use gestures to tell me and other missionaries on what to do. Later on I got along with the Lookkruss just fine and I really loved them my Lookkruss are named Sorenson and Garlick!  

My companion who I am spending a lot of time with into the MTC is Elder Wyatt Hall! He's awesome and cooperative. All of us missionaries in the mission class get along VERY well. Speaking the Khmer language it's so fun to learn that I get to know the greetings, prayers, and how to testify of Christ and even extending invitation! I really love and miss you all so much! I hope a lot of you are aware that in my "NOTES" in my Facebook has ALL of my contact information! This is my current MTC mailing address if any of you want to send me letters!:

Elder Johnny Ksattra Ros
2007 N 900 E Unit  60
Provo UT 84602

 I hoped to hear how you all are doing as I am training in the MTC! I even get to visit the Provo Utah Temple 2 times already last week... I LOVE THIS SACRED BUILDING SO MUCH. The ordinances done in the temple are very sacred and the temple is where I can maintain the greatest amount of peace in my heart, mind and spirit it fantastic in there. I testify that the gift of tongues from the Holy Ghost is the main key of my understanding of my mission language which is Khmer or Cambodian!
Hope to hear from you all! I will be doing all I need to do in P-day ounce I send this mail out! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! 

P.S. Pictures will be shown soon from my experience in the first week in the MTC.

                                                                                                                Elder Ros

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