Monday, February 16, 2015

The MTC Era Episode 4 - Monday, February 16, 2015

ជំរាបសួរ  to everyone I get to contact on my 4th P-day in the Provo MTC!,
    I was having a spectacular 4th week while I spent so much time in the Provo MTC learning to preach the Gospel in the Khmer language! (Last 2 weeks on Sunday in the 8th I heard from the Director of International MTCs named Kelly Mills!) Last Tuesday Night Devotional I get to hear from another Area 70 General Authority named Larry Y. Wilson! He made a seriously great talk about The Book of Mormon and importance of reading it with investigators! OH yeah!, THIS IS MOST FANTASTIC WEEK I EVER EXPERIENCE DISREGARDING THE NEGATIVES!!! How's that so? Well, I had a super huge surprise by my entire zone shouting a Happy Birthday song to me!!! I had soooo much stuff from nationwide sending me presents! I received so much stuff! God bless each of you who sent me mails and packages throughout my birthday week! 

    My 19th Birthday is definitely the most memorable birthday I enjoyed ever in my life! I am so happy from the love I received! I hoped you all had a decent Valentines Day while I am in the MTC! Yesterday, I heard a talk from another Area 70 General Authority named Stephen B. Allen (actually 2nd time I heard from him!) , he's also known as the Managing Director of the Missionary Dept., he made a seriously great talk as well and presented the LDS Church commercials he directed, I even saw the one that's made since 1978! He relates his talk from the commercials he made for the Church concerning good companionship and why it's truly important for all missionaries to be obedient and cooperative to God,other leaderships, and companions! I love attending the Provo Temple every weekend especially on P-days! I love doing the Lord's work in the Provo Temple! Me and my companion are very cooperative to each other, we're such good brothers!

    I bare a humble testimony that it's truly the gift of tongues from Holy Spirit is what truly helps me speak and understand the Khmer language! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! Plus, with God all things are possible (faith is required)! The Book of Mormon is another scripture and word of God that goes along with the Holy Bible! Jesus is the Christ! He did the atonement to have all of our sins forgiven and that we can all be resurrected to return to him someday! I am never ashamed of the gospel! I am halfway done from training in the MTC and remaining steadfast! 

P.S. I love you all so much! God bless each and everyone of you who's reading this! I'm always learning new stuff everyday in the MTC! Please keep me in your prayers! 

Elder Ros

The a new mission district photo of our name tags surrounding the BOM!

There's a lot more packages than what it looks in this photo!

Me and the entire Zone! (Who gave me the phenomenal surprise just for my 19th Birthday! 
I love each and every one of the member of my zone so much!) 

Me and my companion Elder Hall! (Excuse him from being tag-less,he accidentally dropped his name-tag in the 
classroom's floor somewhere from the BIG Zone picture, I found it for him though hahaha)

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