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     What's good everyone!? It's been another fun week working and serving in Kampong Cham Branch 2! I'll be as brief as how'd this week went: 

     After P-day time: Me and Elder Hunt went to a Look Poo's home to teach his 3 grandchildren about the 10 commandments, kid's payed better attention this time blessedly. Then after that we taught Rong's little brother named Kim about the The Plan of Salvation simply and taught him how to pray and encourage him to along with his older brother!       

     Last Tuesday: After District Meeting me and Elder Hunt taught Cho Ra about the Law of Chastity and the Words of Wisdom simply, the later on this day we visited a referral! Who's interested in the gospel named Sal who's 13 years old, we had members tagging along with us to help him learn about the church! What's more awesome is as we found him his mom wants to learn as well! So we just took that time to introduce them about the Restoration and taught them how to pray! After that we visited Meeta and taught him about the atonement with him. Then lastly,we visit an active member named បង ភាព (Pheap) who works at a laundry shop to teach her and her brother about serving a mission and encouraging them serve one soon!  

     Last Wednesday: This day's interesting so supposedly, in the morning we're expecting to find some less actives that បង ភាព had in mind to show us, but then turns she needs some service by having us help her lift dirt..... or moving dirt from one place to another around a big plot of land. We done that for a while and then visited បង Nani and his family to teach them about Eternal Marriage at the temple. The family's super nice over there. Love them so much! Then we visited a Look Poo name Hiab and taught him the significance of receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood!  After that we visit Cho Ra again to teach him simply about tithing and fasting! After lunch we just continued to do service for បង ភាព and her family by removing more dirt. Hehehe.   

     Rean English Class's interesting in the province because as I said from last post there isn't that many students that attends English Class, however it's been fun, Elder Slavens and Elder Beacco took their turn to teach English and share a spiritual thought about The Gospel of Jesus Christ! Then after that we taught Kim about the Restoration simply with him and gave him a Book of Mormon! 😊      

     Last Thursday: After Weekly Planning!, we visited Sal's and his mom's place when we're about to teach them about the Plan of Salvation, but the mother has a lot of good questions about faith and know how develop faith in God and Christ, so we took the time to share her and her son some scriptures from the Book of Mormon that relates to her questions! They're committed to coming to church as we invited them! Then we taught with Meeta about the Restoration again so we could help him understand why's the church's so important today!  
     Last Friday: We took the time in this day to visit the island along with the sisters to visit who we usually visit to help uplift and inviting the members over there! Then later on we visit some members near បង ភាព's place to familiarize ourselves with them! Then lastly, we just read scriptures along with Kim and his older brother help him get started on reading the Book of Mormon! 

     Last Saturday: On this day we took time to fast for an investigator named Rith so  he can have help from Heavenly Father to recognize for himself that The Book of Mormon is true and another word of God! We visited Look Poo Hiab to uplift him by sharing a scripture from Jacob 7:25 and share testimonies that if we keep building our faith in God everybody we'll continue to maintain peace and happiness in this life! Later on, we attended a Baptism for the Sister's investigator! I was asked to give a talk about the gift of the holy ghost! And so I done so and showed how the Lord's happy with her decision to be baptize and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! After the Baptism me and Elder Hunt visit Look Poo Pan and the Neakming and taught to them how important it is to teaching there own family about what they know about the gospel so that they feel the blessings from sharing what they know about the church! We taught them so they can at least understand why we kept inviting them to help teach their grandchildren! Lastly, we met with Rith and taught him about the Great Apostasy and the restoration! We truly invited ounce more to start or keeping reading in the Book of Mormon from the beginning or even where we invited him to read in Alma Chapter 5!  

     Yesterday: Church's fantastic, kinda crazy with children roaming around the church a little during and after Fast and Testimony Meeting, but... it's been great fantastic. I had felt the spirit a whole lot hearing some wonderful testimonies from some members. I even bore testimony honestly, about how the gospel has taught my family how to more caring and loving for each other! Then me and Elder Hunt visited Look Poo Pheap and his family and taught him about Daniel and the Lion's den!

        So basically, I am still doing excellent! Had received transfer calls but turns out I am still companions with Elder Hunt! There's some changes going around the Kampong Cham District but me and Elder Hunt remains with me as this transfer call comes in! So hopefully, I can solidify how much more I need to know about this area as me and Elder Hunt serve with each other serving in this branch! I love serving this mission! I know that this Gospel has importance for everyone in Camboida so this is why I even bother spreading it and sharing it with Elder Hunt so much often as I could! I need to blast though! I love you all! I appreciate each and everyone of your prayers! អែលឌើរ រស់'s still living and pressing forward with faith! Stay faithful and blessed everyone! (I would probably be sharing more simpler posts often soon or otherwise I will still have the opportunity to keep posting like this!) 

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
"And now, behold, I say unto you, and I would that ye should remember, that God is merciful unto all who believe on his name; therefore he desireth, in the first place, that ye should believe, yea, even on his word." - Alma 32:22
Shout out for លោកគ្រូ Sorensen! Hehehe!

Mango Leather anyone? Love it! 😁

The 1st Family (ឱម Kon's) I visit in the island throughout my time serving in Kampong Cham Branch 2! 😁 

Selfie before leaving out of a appointment with the 2nd family (of ឱម Piara) on the island! 😁 

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