Monday, August 31, 2015

Episode 22 - Monday, Aug 31, 2015

     My honest apologize if my last e-mail seems to be short ounce again, reason why I cut last post short although I explained my experience of meeting Elder Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles 2 weeks ago, was because I lost my wallet last Tuesday on P-Day... while I was about to exit the Market in the morning, hoping that my dropped wallet is ...still there when I pay a fee for my bike parking. Unfortunately, it seems that as me and Elder Hunt tried our last attempt to find my wallet it seems to be gone for good. It really scarred my heart so much because it had most of my personal stuff in there. Hopefully, I can recover my stuff again... ounce I come back from my mission...,but no worries everyone! I am still alive and been working, and serving as diligently as much I could in Kampong Cham Branch 2. I didn't really let my lost wallet intervene with my time working in this mission. I just have no room in my mind to be completely angry and upset about my loss wallet.

     So anyways! To make a lot of my late post up I'll explain with some details of how'd last week went as I continue to hasten the Lord's in the Province of Kampong Cham in Branch 2 as I started to serve there for my 1st week!: 

     Last Wednesday: We visited the wife of a recent convert to teach a recent convert named បង Nani unfortunately who wasn't there. Then we taught an investigator whose 8 years old named ចរ៉ា (not accurate spelling, pronounced as Cho Ra). On that time we just taught him about the importance of praying,obedience and reading the scriptures. We just explained simply with him and his brother as he joined in the lesson. 😊 After that I am doing what I can along with Elder Hunt to familiarize myself in this area more as we're finding members. Later on we had the Rean English Program. In Rean in this province's pretty small class so not a lot attendees came, however some members attend and new persons came in to learn English as well it's been pretty fun. After, English Class I shared a simple spiritual thought about who God is and that he loves and cares for us everyday in our lives on Earth. Last thing we've done for that day is we met an investigator named រីទ្ធ who speaks fluent English. So... as  I met with him for my first time, we taught him in English.... for me it's pretty strange for me to teach him about the gospel in English, knowing usually I speak to everyone in Khmer. So we taught him about the importance of prayer and reading the Book of Mormon and extending invitation to have him read in Alma Chapter 5 which explains a lot about how gain salvation. Then, extend for him to pray first and then read this particular chapter! 

     Last Thursday: After weekly planning session, we visited a less active named មេតា (not accurately spelled pronounced as Meeta.) We taught with him about the importance of consistent prayer and reading scriptures often. He's been happy to meet with us. Then, throughout this day we took time to search a bit further for more members within the area and then visit a few more investigator that are also children. Their grandparents wants us to teach them and so we did.It's been difficult because the 3 kids aren't focused or have desire to learn and the grandparents.... some reason aren't showing support that they need to learn about the Gospel.... hopefully, things will get better on the way teaching further or we'll need to converse with the grandparents who are members (that were kinda less active) and really need to ask if they can help the kids really practice what they've been taught from past missionaries and in church. After that we visited an active named បង ភាព, she's an active member who has a desire to serve a mission soon, but it's been tough, because as she's been filling out her paper work, odd things has been happening to her as she's been doing so. (Won't go into details.) However, we just shared scriptures we enjoyed in the scriptures for example I love to share D&C 14:7.
     Last Friday: Had District Meeting today, it's been a good meeting! Okay, after the meeting, we have members who live on an island to visit! We've visited two families over there! We visited a family of a Look Poo named កូន, a super nice family, the Look Poo loves to speak some English. We just shared scriptures we enjoyed like as follows in the last other day. Same idea applied to another family we visited! Look Poo's named Para. Very nice Look Poo. Super fun to serve at a island to in this mission I love it! Then for the rest of the day we just search for more CBRs and visited the District President of Kampong Cham to know what can we do to help Branch 2 better as we serve here. 

     Last Saturday: We met up with បង Nani as he's home with his family and taught him and his family about eternal marriage at the temple and extend invitation plan to go there someday. To have him and his wife be seal at a temple someday! After that we met up with ចរ៉ា and his brother again taught them the 10 commandments with them. It's fun to teach them they memorize the commandment so easily. (Showed images that relates to the 10 commandments and shared the share scriptures in Mosiah Chapter 12 and 13 where the prophet Abinadi explains the 10 commandments with King Noah and the wicked priests.) After teaching him we had a Baptismal Interview of the Sisters investigator of Branch 1! Then on the way back after Elder Hunt interviews the investigator as rides our bikes from Branch 1's area to the church building it was raining super hard on the way back. I was super drenched along with Elder Hunt then our last appointment we met up with Rith (រីទ្ធ) again to follow up with him. He's been having a hard time taking time to reading the chapter we invited him to read so we taught him about fasting and explain the example of Alma the younger or the High Priest when he fasts and prayed for many days for the truth from Heavenly Father himself. Honestly still found it strange to teach in English to him but he's a really cool guy. We committed him to fast this Thursday, we'll be fasting along with him! (So, that he'll receive an answer from Heavenly Father for himself that The Book of Mormon is another word of God.) 

     Yesterday: So it's kinda back in reality as if I worked and served in Ta Khmao in Branch 2 as I work and serve in Kampong Cham Branch 2 as in church starts from 2PM-5PM! Church's been excellent, I introduced myself and bare a talk about the Doctrine of Christ along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Me, Elder Hunt, Sister Sheffield and Sister Harris gave a talk in the entire session of church. I felt the spiritual strongly as I attend church with all the members who came to church on the day. During church we had to take care of Primary Class for a bit since the Sisters did so for a bit. It's good to take care of the Primary Class while the parents, investigators, and members are learning about the gospel in other classes in Church. 

      Well, I like to bare my testimony that missionary work is worth doing, it's not easy, but with God all things are possible! I love serving in this mission! I had already faced difficult times when I felt it's necessary to quit, but did I choose to? No. I will still not ever call God a liar as he's called me in this mission. I seen miracles already as I've been serving here in Cambodia serving and inviting all I could to Christ. I testify that Jesus Christ is truly our savior and redeemer and he's atoned for our sins! If we all keep our acceptance that he's our savior and keep God's commandment, we will maintain peace and happiness throughout this life and even after life! God loves us and cares for us! Indeed we're not perfect, but if we all keep applying the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives each and every we'll be happier. I really mean it! I share these things in the sacred name of our Lord, our savior and living redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.   

     It's been a fantastic adventure as I serve in this Province of Cambodia in Kampong Cham (serving in Branch 2). Even though, I lost my original wallet. I still just want to keep this up serving here! (I'll just replace my original wallet...*sigh*) Hope my personal stuff is already settled... but I am not too worried about. I am just worried about keeping it up serving here with Elder Hunt! Hope I'll get familiar enough in this area before the end of Elder Hunt's time serving with me here! Stay fantastic everyone I love you all! Stay blessed!😁

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)


Wherefore, my beloved brethren, reconcile yourselves to the will of God, and not to the will of the devil and the flesh; and remember, after ye are reconciled unto God, that it is only in and through the grace of God that ye are saved.2 Nephi 10:24

(August 23rd, 2015) The moment when I met and shook Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's hand. Close up.😁

So visiting a couple member's homes in the island's fun... this island doesn't seemed to be an island. Hahaha
It's been awesome there! 

Pretty much how's it like traveling on the way to visit a couple of members on an island.

Experiencing the rainy season in my first province assigned to in this mission..... Yep! (Oh yeah on the right of this picture is Elder Hunt! 😊)

Yesterday (Sunday) when me and Elder Hunt had to care for primary kids for a little while... was pretty crazy in there. Played a unique version of Duck, Duck goose. (The Sisters were caring for them for a little while then we jumped in to take over.)

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