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       How's it going everyone! Hope each of you reading this post are doing awesome and wonderful as I continue to serve in Kampong Cham Branch 2! Well, it's another fun and fantastic week, was kind of a short one since part of the week was full of Deep Clean from after-Preparation-Day-time to a whole Tuesday full doing ALL me and Elder Hunt needs to do to clean our apartment so we can better feel the Holy Spirit over there! Whoo! (Still trying to preserve the cleanliness in the apartment along with Elder Hunt every time we return back there from proselyting.) Well here's a sum of all I've been doing throughout this week! (Oh yes, shout out for the office Elders, Elder Olsen and Elder Bostrom, my camera's back to normal thanking them for helping me fix my camera and the chip throughout my time serving in this mission ohhhhhh បាទ!!!! God bless them!) :

    Last Wednesday: This day was full of more service, throughout this day me and Elder Hunt had an opportunity to plant rice for a service project! At Look Poo Sokhon's place! The mud on the rice field's was pretty to get on and planting the rices on the field it's was pretty warm/hot throughout the day doing, but hey! I plant rice for my first time as I serve in this mission! What a sacred to do that! Plus, on this day Elder Slavens and Elder Hall took time to teach English Class about Health! Then me and Elder Hunt shared a spiritual thought about the Words of Wisdom, me translating as Elder Hunt spoke English was fun, a bit tricky because of grammar, but it's been fun regardless.   
    Last Thursday: Right after Weekly Planning Session, we just took time to visit Bong Ni and Sal along with a member from Branch 3 named August... Oh wait... I meant Seyha! I help and teach them how to study scripture a lot better and inviting them to make a goal to attend a temple! Such as either the Phillipines Temple or the Hong Kong Temple or even later yet the Thailand Bangkok  Temple that's being built up soon! It's been an awesome spiritual to keep on helping come closer to Christ. Than lastly on that day we visit President Lim of the Kampong Cham District to highlight parts we love about General Conference!   
    Last Friday: On this day was District Meeting, after the meeting me and the District had Kaw with Rice for Lunch as Kaw was being made for a native Sister named Sister Ren me and the District played a game of Scum...Yep! Anyways, as we proselyte we came over to Look Poo Pheaps home to discuss with Narin about Baptismal Interview Question so he'll be prepare to be interviewed!  and then for the rest of the day we've done a whole lot of contacting talking with a lot of people about the Gospel. I love doing what ever I could along with Elder Hunt to explain to some people about the Gospel, so people are really aware! We had at least one actual possible return appointment after contacting so much!
    Last Saturday: We met up with Poo Hiab again to share with him about PONDERIZING from a General Conference Session from Last General Conference if some of you actually watched it. That is to find a single scripture, write it on something that stick and stick it on somewhere you see it at most! It actually works and help anyone feel better through the day... ponderizing about a scripture throughout a week and change again for another week! Fun stuff! Okay! Through this day has been an awesome one of course on this day was the time when Bong Ni and Sal became baptized!!!! Woohoo! They're very happy as they received their baptism by her father/ Sal's grandfather!It's been an awesome time! Throughout this transfer I am so happy to see them grow so much spiritual, we're still going to visit them often though! Later on, we kind of had a Branch Council Meeting with the President Samouen of Kampong Cham Branch 2 at the... hospital. The meeting has lead us way we can help this Branch a lot better, and hopefully he'll get well soon! Rest of the day we just go out to the usual areas to go contacting around Kampong Cham such as on the riverside to meet some people, to invite them to learn about this Church and The Gospel!  
    Yesterday: In the morning we visited Bong Nani, to help him learn what the Priesthood is so he can receive the Melchizedek Priesthood soon as he received Aaronic aleady! Church was absolutely phenomonal, attendance was pretty big on that day. Me and Elder Hunt thoughout this Sacrament Meeting had a sacred opportunity to hear from a Ohm about Joseph Smith and the restoration plus from a Neakming who gave a testimony-talk about how she was able to read the scriptures in Khmer as she prayed with Heavenly Father to help her do so! So throughout the rest of day after we visit Vaneah (sorry for terrible romanization) to teach and invite him to fast so he can ask his boss from work if he can come to church with his wife and daughter! Narin has successfully been interviewed and ready to receive baptism next week thanking Elder Om from interviewing him! Lastly, we just taught Bong Pheap and her brother Pisey about Ponderizing! ...It actually works!  

        Phew! Well, this has been a page full even though I took a couple days off along with Elder Hunt to clean our apartment! I am doing wonderful, I had faced difficult time as I continue to serve in this mission! I love serving in this mission and no matter, the hardships I faced through serving here, I still do all I can each day. I still love serving my heritage here in Cambodia especially in Kampong Cham Branch 2! TRANSFER CALL ALERT! I will be staying to staying in Branch 2 of Kampong Cham, however I will have a new companion named Elder Hall!!!! (A different Elder Hall! He used to be very big as he studied in the MTC, and now he's one of the "Biggest losers" in the mission!....YEAH!!) I'm pretty excited to serve with him soon, however, I'll really miss serving with Elder Hunt in this area, he's guided me very well about how the area is and what can I do to keep up the work! It's been awesome and phenomenal serving with him in this mission. I am still willing to keep it up! I will not give up and I will never, ever quit this mission! Prayerfully, I can always keep caring on each and every area I serve in!

        Well, I need to run and continue to stay lost in this great cause, but just to let you all know I am still doing phenomenal, still exerting all I have in the mission just want to remind you all to stay fantastic! (And blessed!) LOVE YOU ALL! Here I go!😁 

 ❤ -អែលឌើរ រស់

"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God;"D&C 88:119

After DEEP CLEANING our apartment during Pchum Ben Day(s) from the 12th to 13th! I love to clean! (Along with Elder Hunt, but in general I do love to clean! ....  បាទ!!!)

After DEEP CLEANING our apartment during Pchum Ben Day(s) from the 12th to 13th! (Took an hour to beat Elder Hunt in Chess, played as white.)

Bong Ni and Sal were baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday! Bong Ni's Father Look Poo Saruan (2nd Counselor of the Kampong Cham District)
(So happy that they became members as we took time to teach them, prayerfully and hopefully they'll remain active as they are converted!)
From last Wednesday, I get to pull up and plant rice for a service project at Look Poo Sokhon's area/ place! (For my first time ever, I get to experience what's it like to grow rice and doing it for a service project... FANTASTIC!) 

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