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Monday, October 5, 2015

              What is up everyone!? I am still doing great, and fantastic as usual! Here are some details of this week's update of how'd last week went! I'll be brief just for this P-day (I probably said that several times in my past posts already, but I am just always staying lose in the work over here serving my own heritage! Hahaha!): 

     Last Tuesday: After District Meeting we had a pot luck as a District.... yep first I ever experience in my time in this mission. Hahaha! Me and Elder Hunt just made a Pineapple Stir-Fry for the district, everyone else is something unique like salsa chips, and fried bananas. Yum! After that me and Elder Hunt just continued to visit Bong Ni and Sal and explained about the Laws and Ordinances with her and her son. They've been doing great still reading their scriptures in the Book of Mormon. Then lastly, on this day we met up with a recent convert Rong who's going to leave for a Family Occasion for about a month just simply teaching him and his little brother Kim about the importance of studying scriptures. (Lesson's mainly for Kim so he can prepare to be baptize when he returns from his family occasion along with Rong!)

     Last Wednesday: On this day, I've been on a exchange with the one and only Elder Slavens part of my MTC District! It's been a very fun and straight forward day as I've been with him throughout this day. (He's all about selfies as he proselytes with me Hahaha!)  I love it how the many people me and him contacted he just goes "Hello!" to anyone he passes, that is of course because it's unusual to see Americans mistaken as "Barangs" or French-in-Khmer so it's been super fun serving with him for the day. Later on we had a slight service project at a Ohm's house named Ohm Chanton we took a bit of time to help the Sisters and Elders in the 1st Branch Area. Teaching Rean English Class with Elder Slavens was a blast... we just taught about H, WH words with those attend to learn English and Elder Hall shared a spiritual thought while Elder Hunt translates. (Just visited Bong Nani and his family, and Look Poo Hiab talking about Lehi's dream and shared what we loved about this part of the Book of Mormon in 1st Nephi! After lunch, we met up with a Less active named Meta or Maeta and conversed, and taught with him about the Words of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity!) Exchange was super quick on this day.       

     Last Thursday: After weekly planning, we just visit Bong Ni and Sal and explain about what important following we need to do before becoming baptizing referencing from Doctrine and Covenants20:37. Taught Rong again before he leaves for a month about how to better study scriptures and pretty much encouraging him about how he can feel the Holy Spirit as often as needed everyday. Before that we visit Pum Taneng, however our investigators over weren't so available as we're trying to visit them! 

     Last Friday: Would love to make a Happy Birthday shout-out for my current companion Elder Huntwho's officially turned 20 years old on this day! (Went to the island for the usual appointments just explain to them about General Conference coming soon in Cambodia, translated from English to Khmer! Then on this day us and the Branch 1 and 2 Sisters were organizing Covert Baptismal Records so of course so we keep our records organized! Lastly, we met up with RITH and taught with him about certain parts of Church history he needs to understand, but that's pretty much it. (Elder Hunt bought himself a box of ice cream for his birthday it's amazing! Hahaha!) 

     Last Saturday: On this day we visit a Less Active, and then we met up with Look Poo Hiab again we wasn't feeling so well, but still wanted to learn from. Plus so we just explain the importance of the Melchizedek Priesthood as he received it!  After lunch there was a Baptism Activity that Elder Hunt needs to participate to baptize a kid named Ohn Juli! It's was an awesome baptismal occasion, as I also gave a small spiritual thought simply about the importance of the gift of the Holy Ghost! After that we met with Sovan and taught and remind him of the plan of salvation! He surprisingly, remember week about the plan of salvation as we taught him, because he's literally a slow learner, but hey everyone learns at there own pace! Then on that day we met with Bong Bun to remind him of the atonement and the Plan of Salvation and how God loves us, and so he provided us with one savior named Jesus Christ! (Seriously, really inviting him to come to church already!)
     Yesterday: Church's been wonderful actually, even though unfortunately none of our investigators we taught and invite didn't came to church this week. (Which really, bummed us out because it was a Fast and Testimony meeting on this day and some Look Poos and a Ohm has bored wonderful testimonies about the importance of the Gospel, and how God really loves us each and every, how he helps us through our trials. After Church we met with Vannae, Poo Pheap's family to teach Narin.

      Okay everyone!  General Conference's officially been broadcasted and I will be watching it this weekend! If some of you reading this didn't watch it, but still want to click on the following link! I testify to you all that, you'll all receive very important counsels that can help each and every one of us in our lives from anyone that that speak throughout each session seriously!:

           I need to run and continue to stay lost in this great cause, but just to let you all know I am still doing phenomenal, still exerting all I have in the mission just want to remind you all to stay fantastic! (And blessed!) LOVE YOU ALL! ❤

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." - 2 Corinthians 12:9

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)

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