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                   What is up everybody!! YEAH! Man, I have so much to share within this post so get ready!: 

       Well, throughout this week including 4th of July obviously, celebrated the 4th at the restaurant at Mama's along with some brethren in the mission! Besides that me and Elder Lamborn managed to meet with a active member who's been helping his family in Kompong Cham known as Bong Visal, met him and is doing well! Other than that we visit Pu Broh and his family for a dinner appointment.... so much food. Hahaha!  

     Later on in Tuesday we spent a lot of time contacting people very close to the church within our area, that's been occurring since the start of the transfer, which is now my favorite thing to do now, you really get to know people a little better, when you just get out of your comfortable and just do the lord's work! 

     Last Wednesday, we managed to meet up with Bong Chetra to discuss about temple seems like he's got a grip that being Baptized into this Church and receiving the Holy Ghost isn't enough but setting a goal and achieving the goal to attend the temple to do sacred ordinances someday is! Other than that we just kept contacting and teach at the REAN English Program which was fun just teaching the sounds from SH to TH same idea applies to Saturday Morning! 

    Last Thursday's interesting, so I took most of this day along with Elder Lamborn to pick around Former Investigators and see if they would bother learning more about the Church throughout this church we'll see how this we'll go. The day was literally dedicated on Weekly Planning! It does take to figure out to help an area within next week in advance! 

    On Friday's been a shocking experience because of new announcements for the mission such as the NEW/ Best Bike Policy in the mission plus new blenders for every house in the mission get a load of that, plus the rest of the day's pretty much contacting and helping Elder Lamborn get to know other members within the area which is quite an adventure!

    Saturday we met up with Bong Chetra our investigator ounce more followed up with his studying in the Book of Mormon, then later on we taught him a commandment that goes according to his such as understand the Words of Wisdom and Law of Chastity! He gets well, what toughest thing is his part is showing up to church because of his job. Curse you.. kang lookay nah! Anyways we also had a chance to teach Bong Seha our investigator about Temples which has a lot to discuss, then he's committed to prepare himself to go to the temple as soon as he receives his baptism! 

    Anyways Sunday was fantastic, unfortunately, none of our investigators shown up, it is heartbreaking sometime because you know you truly want investigators to progress when you just invited them to church. but remember this we can't anyone to come to church it has to come from their desires. On this day, I managed to meet with Bong Sou which is Elder Slavens, and Grimaud's Convert still tough as nails I say as me and Elder Lamborn met him yesterday! 

      So this post is here to show that I am doing what I am suppose to do, I don't care how minotness I am from typing this but I still got this love for my divine heritage and I won't NEVER EVER....EEEEEEEVER allow people's judgement to intervene with my love for divine heritage's salvation at the balance AT ALL. My time in this mission is short and I know I can do it!! With God all miracles can happen! God's depending on His Soldier and that includes me! 

      Some of you may wonder how the heck I am doing on my learning in Khmer well it takes work. I am kind of at the time of my mission that I just got comfortable but still need to learn a lot more but that's pretty much the case, otherwise what's more important is keeping my heart at this mission to help many of those who's wondering where the truth is and where to find it! Have to go soon but I am here to remind you all that this Church where I am serving as a missionary is true. The Church has taught me and us how to truly...not only to repent but to really change and learn from our mistakes to improve and become better! Stay fantastic everybody I love you all! Stay blessed out there! 

P.S. If only we allow the teaching of this Church to apply in our lives spiritually we'll be truly happy spiritually, actively, and physically for real! In the Sacred name of our lord and Savior and living redeemer JESUS CHRIST. Amen. 
🌏💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់  known as Elder Ros the Elder that stills lives on!😎💂👥 🐢😇🌏🎺📖🛡🐉🌐

"And, behold, come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." - Revelation 22:12

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.Amen." - Revelation 22:21

From 4th of July #FurtherPictures

This is from last week when we have new Blenders! Whoo hoo!

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