Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Episode 2 - Newly first wedded out here. Sunday, April 5, 2015

        The 2nd week is okay because we had a interesting time contacting some members throughout the week, that includes converts throughout that week as well within our area! Me (I don't know much about missionary work) and Elder McGavin (The one I am trying to understand) were doing what we can such contacting people to teach, however because of the Khmer New Year that's coming and there's some occasions going for the weekend, we were doing our best to contact or otherwise I had to be a little pushy on my trainer out of love because I knew doing something is better than nothing! Last Wednesday I taught a Spiritual Thought in English Class for the Cambodian People and Members last week! (Which was fun!) Before that,I handed out flyers on front of the Branch Church Building in តា ខ្មៅ, super fun! One of the bests way to find people to teach is inviting people to learn English doing it as a weekly service project, than after class we talk to the some people and ask if we can visit them to start teaching about the Church and invite them to Christ! This weekend there was a Wedding coming up so me and my companion help some members of the branch prepare for the Wedding in Church Building!  

     After that I spent the weekend visiting the church and teaching the guards of the Church and attend the Wedding as I helped, and then Last Saturday I attend the Wedding Party... fantastic food! (Note: We didn't have permission and I didn't know at all that there's a guideline that we're suppose as our mission president first before we attend. *sigh* Even though the food was good I didn't realize that I would have a hard time being obedient until I had this transfer with Elder McGavin thinking that he's the absolute best, but... he has flaws as well especially when it comes to obedience.)

        Then there's Fast and Testimony Meeting on Sunday! Heard great testimonies from members of the 2nd Branch of តា ខ្មៅ all members and the Branch President are super nice as far I see who attended. I even bore testimony and invited them to watch General Conference next week! (Hoping they understood the importance of it!) (Extra note: My Khmer language wasn't that strong at the time but I tried my best.)

       The 3rd week's been planned out and always ready to teach, preach, and invite many to Christ! Going to be super busy! Love you all and please keep me in your prayers! This weekend I will be watching General Conference, I was aware of a new Temple in Thailand which made me and my companion super excited! (It got announced last weekend I heard!) 

    "And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God." - D&C 14:7
                                          Gotta blast!ជំរាបលា! (Cumriablia!),
-អែលឌើរ រស

The South Stake Center of Cambodia! (ការសាងសង់ ដ៏ធំ! (Huge Building for a Stake Center!) (Last Friday was Zone Training!)

​Me and my Companion attended a Wedding Party we were invited to! (Super ឆាញ់ food!)

The Couple Married and the men and women hosting the Wedding Party!

​Me and my Trainer's organized Studying and Planning Room! 

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