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Episode 3 - The True Colors of Khmer New Year. Sunday April 12, 2015

 សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី!ជំរាបសួរ!(Happy Khmer New Year!, Hello!),  

    Before I begin!: From last week on Sunday during LIVE General Conference I just wanted to bless everyone with a Eternally Happy Easter! Hoping in my prayers that we all did remember the absolute sacred importance of he resurrection of our Lord, Our Savior, and Our Living Redeemer Jesus Christ! 

     Okay!, I am 3 weeks in the Mission Field still serving in តាខ្មៅ (Ta Khmau)! Throughout last week the Branch Church Building, all of the តាខ្មៅ (Ta Khmau) Branches in had a Cambodian New Year Party!  Before that, certain members had the other members who came to the Church Building to attend the Cambodian New Year Party  gathered in the Chapel first to hear important talks from them 1st before the party begins which I thought was excellent! The Spirit was present as the certain members gave talks about the importance of keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ a priority as the Khmer New Year's being celebrated! They emphasized the importance of who we truly follow as a church and the importance of keeping God's Commandments, on this case we all know that they're not throw away traditions but to share what's are the best things to do to celebrate.

     During the week, I, Elder Ros, had the worse diarrhea in my lifetime... while I was proselyting in Wednesday... when we were done proselytizing, I took a bit of rest before I go and help the Elders and Sisters in my Area teach English Class, I told those who attend English Class that I wasn't feeling well (I was ready to vomit, no I am not being dramatic all!), however I told them I will my absolute best to help teach with Elder McGavin. After that day... I took a day off... had a exchanged of companions to stay in my apartment with Elder Hibbert. (He had the same problems as I did.) We recovered quickly and Friday I am better enough to continue proselyting! Now everyone, PLEASE DON'T WORRY! I am still alive and still inviting anyone in Cambodia or Ta Khmau to come Christ, just keep praying I truly appreciate all of your prayers so much! Things last week was kinda tough because everyone's getting ready for the Khmer New Year which... is going on this week. The 14th.15th, and... 16th! Which will make proselyting this week a bit difficult but me and Elder McGavin are going to give all we got ... despite the crazy traditions in Cambodia! (Note: No many people in Phnom Penh are present at that time also so it was a ghost town here!)

    In the weekend!, I took the opportunity to watch General Conference. All sessions were phenomenal! I am still kinda surprised that my (former) Stake President who set me apart as a missionary, has been called to serve as a Area 70 General Authority! His name's S. Marc Clay Jr.! Wow, so many changes going on as I serve in Cambodia already! I recorded so much in journal as I listened to all talks from the Saturday sessions, Priesthood session and Sunday sessions!!! Thanks Sister Fear and Brother Gage, members from my homeward spoiled it for me it, but that's actually alright! In fact, I didn't actually believe them at first! Hahaha!

   Here's one of the quotes that stood out to me while I was watching General Conference! 

“Grace is a gift of God, and our desire to be obedient to each of God’s commandments is the reaching out of our mortal hand to receive this sacred gift from our Heavenly Father.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

    Well, this is all I wanted to say in this blog post, LOVE the food over here! (At this time of my mission I was given guidelines to be careful on what I eat.) Still pressing on with faith choosing to serve the Lord along with my companion!  I love you all so much! God bless you all! I still missed you all Family and Syracuse, NY! I still love all members who I met in my area! Hoped they all attended General Conference as we invited them and explaining the importance of it with the Holy Spirit! (I am sure some members did took the invitation seriously.) 

"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." -Matthew 22:37-40

      Ounce again (Happy Khmer New Year!) សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី!, and ជំរាបលា!,
-អែលឌើរ រស់
 Went Bowling at the Aeon Mall in Cambodia! SO MUCH FUN ON THIS P-DAY!

​I inked these pairs of Name tags with pen when I was told it was spelled wrong weeks ago, however when I found out that
 these are the correct true translations I just took a toothpick and apply white-out on the inked the didactic! #GoodAsNew

Me holding a sign Tuesday on the 14th even though the Free Class is next week because of Khmer New Year! 
(Feat. Elder Hibbert! behind me!)

​Me and all other តាខ្មៅ missionaries celebrating Khmer New Year! 
                                     សួស្ដីឆ្នាំថ្មី from Me, Elder McGavin, Elder Jarvis, Elder Khiev, Elder Chouk, and Elder Hibbert!

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