Monday, April 20, 2015

Episode 4 - The Khmer New Year still going. Sunday April 19, 2015


              About a month in the Mission Field in កម្ពុជា already! Wow! That week actually came by quick! Okay where to start last week went even though the entire population of Cambodia celebrated ចូលឆ្នាំ...Last Tuesday was kinda complicated because that's the first day of Khmer New Year, and we couldn't find anyone to teach, however in the end of the day me and other Elders in the តាខ្មៅ  just had a feast for the holiday. 
             Last Wednesday I watched "Meet the Mormons" again at the South Stake Center, but before that we had important remarks from President Moon, my Mission President about "Rekindling Cambodia!". Basically as this holiday passes by, us missionaries are encouraged to invite Members we work with to continue or start reading the scriptures, praying consistently with real intent, and attending church every week and keep explaining the blessing as we invite them before we do that though he wants us to help our members on there needs to see if they need help on anything! And so, through last week me and Elder McGavin did as we visit, help, and teach all who we can throughout that week prayerfully and with the Holy Spirit as much we can! 

             I went to Kean Svay or គៀនស្វាយ to do an exchange for my first time in the Mission Field last Thursday with Elder Jones the members, and investigators over there are wonderful as I visited them! On Saturday, we met an investigator who's a Sister of a member (MingChanta) of our branch. She's very opened to hear from us that as she understood what we teach and invited her to be baptized. She said she want to baptized so we're helping her be prepared for her baptism that's coming up! Yesterday, there's been a fantastic attendance in Church! God bless these members from there desires to come and attend Church to feel the blessings from showing up to God's home in that day. (Hope me and my companion will see them all again!) After church, me and my companion went to the South Stake Center to perform at a Fireside! It was an awesome experience when I had a experience to sing the EFY Medly in Khmer and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing in Khmer! My companion singed 2 solos for he Fireside! He did a phenomenal job singing "Song of Testimony" and "My Lord, My Redeemer!"  

           I really love my mission so far! Still working hard on doing my best to expand my vocabulary, and speaking my mission language so I can preach His gospel better! I testify that God loves all of us and he's a merciful God! Jesus Christ is our living redeemer! He's conquered death so that all of us can return to live in Heavenly Father's presence! The Gift of Tongues and the Holy Spirit is what truly helped me a lot in the mission field! Prayer's our key to heaven that as we pray with purpose, God will help us on our needs as long as we have faith and maintain humility. I bare this testimony in the Sacred Name of the lord, our savior and living redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen.  

    “Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.”Alma 36:3  ជំរាបលា!, 
-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)

​Okay, from last week! I want to explain that I ate a Balut during the Khmer New Year Dinner for my first time!
....Not the most pleasant thing I ever ate. So FYI those eggs on the red strain bowl are not Hard Boiled eggs
they're actually Baluts or Baby Duck (Embryo) Eggs. This is all the food Elder Kiev made for all of us!
God bless this Elder he's awesome! 

Me and the តាខ្មៅ district decide to go fishing on last Wednesday! During this day!

​My first ever exchange done in the 17th of April!!: I worked at Kean Svay (គៀនស្វាយ) for a day with Elder Jones! Yes, we were sweaty, but we had lots of fun doing Missionary Work over here!

Picture didn't come through but here is the caption: Yesterday, I singed with the East Mission District and the Cambodian Youths at the South Stake Center! We were doing a fireside through the performance! This Fireside feat. a song from The Prince of Egypt movie called "When you believe"!

(I wonder how's Elder Palmer's doing? Hopes he's doing awesome at his area!)

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