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Episode 5 - Blessings > Luck . Sunday April 26, 2015


     Quick note before I begin!: Okay everyone! So sorry about my excitement or I type too quick that I didn't make sure! I want to explain that when I mentioned the "South Stake Center" that's actually the the East District Center in Phnom Penh! My apologize from my thought of the ginormous building to be a Stake Center! (Perhaps the North and South Stakes are A LOT MORE HUMONGOUS buildings than I really thought! Since there are only 2 Stake Centers established in Cambodia so far.)

     Well, well, well, I am officially a month in the field however I am 3 months and 6 days in within my mission. Okay, so how'd last week went. Well, last week was decent, we just continued to teach our members within our Branch, and Less-Actives to share messages about the true importance of praying daily with real intent, studying the scriptures diligently, and attending church every week! We keep explaining mainly that if they do these following thing they can have a stronger testimony, faith and understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Been (acid) rained on a lot through that week.

     Last Wednesday, from English Class has been a fun experience as I teach young children, and some adults new words. After, English Class Elder McGavin shared a Spiritual thought about Baptism usually the Elder/ Sister who gives a spiritual thought picks a translator. (Usually someone who knows English very well and participated in English so much!)

     Last Saturday, I did an exchange with Elder Jarvis to work in the 1st Branch of Ta Khmao. While we were proselyting, we take time to contact people within the area about the Weekly English Class we do every Wednesday Night in the Church building! Honestly, I was kinda shy because I was nervous about rejection, however I just exert and rely on the spirit and just talk to my own people and just allow the spirit to help me contact and invite. Turns out I do love greeting anyone! (Hopefully, I'll do that a lot more often. Hahaha!) Later on, we attended a adult session of District Conference! Many adult members in the East District and the missionaries gathered on that day to discuss about Branch and Family counselors within the District and how to maintain unity and help families within the District. 
     Yesterday, was a excellent Sabbath day, there was the East District Conference for all members on that day! While, biking on the way there, me and other Ta Khmao missionaries quickly slip our ponchos on realizing we're about to face a WHOLE lot of rain on the way. It was fun, wet and crazy. My shoes were so wet and so were my pants. As I arrived at the East District Center I had to squeeze out my socks to get rid of the water that was soaked in to my shoes. Anyways, as I showed up with all missionaries in the East District to conference, we heard amazing remarks from many Presidents within the District that includes the Mission President and his wife. I sure hoped that the entire congregation who showed up are definitely excited about the new Temple in Thailand as the mission president mentioned that in his remarks! 

     Well, as I conclude this post I just needed to say the following. I don't really believe in "Good Luck" as I am doing the Lord's work, however I do strongly believe in Good Blessings. I know there's such thing as great blessings because as I am doing the Lord's work, I know there are individuals who would truly appreciate my invitation to them come or continue to follow Christ and His example. Not only me and Family will receive blessings from me doing missionary, but many who I invited will appreciate them eternally as well! Well, gotta blast! I won't give up hope, I keep pressing on and invite many to come to Christ as much as I can! Love you all!

“Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast. Ether 12:4
-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
The   ផ្សារ ថ្មី  (New Market) in Phnom Penh, I visited this place in Last P-day! 

Me and Elder McGavin just getting Lunch after last week's district meeting.

My view of a river while I was doing an exchange to work with Elder Jarvis for the day! (We were taking time contacting 
individuals about English Class me and the Ta Khmao District teach in every Wednesday Nights in the Church Building!) 

Just me on my poncho resisting the ....acid rain as much as I can as me and other Ta Khmao missionaries 
travel to the East District Center in Phnom Penh for the East District Conference! 

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