Monday, July 13, 2015

Episode 16 - Sunday, July 12, 2015

      Hope's everyone's still fantastic as usual! I had to make this post short for this week, with a summary. I'll do the best I can to explain how I'm doing!:

So throughout last week, me and Elder Olsen had an exchange last Tuesday with to have Elder Cravens join us for a portion of the day. It's been super fun. We talked with a lot people throughout that day. Obviously, me and Elder Olsen did a lot of English Class contacting and talking to everyone within Pochentong and talking to anyone we bike by sharing about the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! English Class last Wednesday's fun we just taught those who attended about words that relate to clothes. (In Easy class, me and Elder Olsen usually teach everyWednesday night in the Church building.) We made sure our recent converts are doing alright in this area as they are still learning further more of the Gospel. I've been pretty busy with Elder Olsen meeting up with our current investigator throughout this transfer. Last Friday, we had zone training, which's been an uplifting experience to learn from other missionaries in the North Zone and the current Zone leaders. 

Church's been super great! (Phenomenal as usual.) After Sacrament Meeting in church the Stake Presidency is there to teach the congregation of the Pochentong Ward about the importance of the Sacrament and the Sabbath day itself! It's been a very spiritual day, talking to all the members of the Ward and still getting to know all as much I can! (A contact wanted to come to church today and called us to attend church, as this contact called us, church was over as he and his friends came to learn about the church. This contact came from the time when I was doing serve with Elder Olsen at  បុរាណ's home putting up poles and connect electricity/power to her home! This contact's name ភក្តី we just taught him and couple of his friends about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus with only about 15 minutes have 3 new investigators in a row throughout last week! Yep!....Hahaha! 

I've been super busy as I have been working with Elder Olsen! The language's still developing, I still have a ton learning to do with in my time in the mission. I love all who I serve in this mission. I am laboring diligently as much as I can with Elder Olsen! I testify that the Holy Spirit has always been our best companion as we preach and teach everyone the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am doing all I can throughout my time in this mission! Sorry, to cut this post short! But I am doing wonderful! Stay fantastic!

"Be thou humbleand the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers." - D&C 112:10

(I'll definitely a whole lot more next week hopefully ... LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you all whose been consistently praying for me. God bless each and everyone of you whose been reading each of my posts!)

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
Last Wednesday on the 8th of July we did some service for បុរាណ's mom putting up poles and wiring to connect electricity to her home! 

Just me playing soccer with the members and other Elders within the North Zone! (During P-day!)

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