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Episode 17 - Sunday, July 19, 2015


 "រស់...មិនស្លាប់ !" (LIVE...NOT DEAD)  Still alive serving and sharing all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (I realized that starting tomorrow, I am about 1/4 or 6 months done serving in the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission!)  I hope each and everyone of you are doing wonderful! It's been another fun week in ពោធិ៍ចិនតុង! (Pochentong) I hadn't thought missions seems to go by super quick as I thought that it's bit hard to wrap my mind around. Hahaha! Well, so here's how did last week went!
Last Tuesday: District Meeting's been good, after that we taught ស្រី Moom (that's how's me and Elder Olsen's investigator's name spell! Hahaha!) the importance of being Obedient to the Commandments of God and why studying the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon's so important. Throughout our time we gave her a Vietnamese Book of Mormon. She knows how to read Vietnamese, but don't know how to read in Khmer. She speaks Khmer well but kinda has hard times understanding our gospel vocabulary in Khmer as we share what we need to share with her at times as she still wants to truly learn about the Gospel. Since she's given the Vietnamese Book of Mormon she jumps right into reading it and ask us some questions about what she's reading. Look Poo ឈួន អាន's  (Cheun An) usually there to helps us explain what we said to her as we're teaching her, but she had strong desire to be baptized soon!  (She's been progressing really quick it's amazing!) 

After that I visit a couple of less actives to help them come back to church and help them in there spiritual needs, after that we met another investigator named តារា and taught him about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. បុរាណ (Boran, who's called to serve mission at Sacramento, California) helped us teach him throughout that time to, it's super fun discussion!

Last Wednesday: During this day we visited a Less Active named Sing Heang who came from Korea! He knows how to speak English, Korean. and Khmer! He's been a member of this Church since he was baptized in Korea! We just taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ or pretty much review the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Khmer since that's his native language. He's a super nice and cool guy!!  As we were proselyting in this day we were going to prepare for Rean English Program. ( English Class) by visiting the usual printing place we go to throughout this transfer every Wednesday, but as we go there the place was burnt by fire so we went to another place to prepare for Rean English Program! (It was pretty devastating how we arrived there and the building's completely burnt.) However, Rean English Program was super fun we just taught those who attend about "School" and word pronunciations with O's and the vocabulary that tags along with the topic of school! After the class session me, Elder Olsen, and the Sisters taught as spiritual thought about the articles of faith and why we believe in the first 4 articles of faith! It's been fun to teach about the English and share a spiritual thought after English Class. 

Last Thursday: After planning for next.... this week! We visit an investigator named Soca who's a tailor or works at a sowing shop. We had help from បុរាណ's brother Abraham to teach him about he plan of salvation! He ask good questions and loves to listen to us. (Soca also loves to come to English Class, that's how we managed to have him have some desire to learn about the Gospel!) Also, we also taught តារា about the importance of studying scriptures before we did so we read the Book of Mormon with him. He's learning a lot! Plus, he loves to take time to pray and has shared his experience about praying. He's a really cool and nice investigator, talks a lot, but very nice and wants to learn a whole lot.  

Last Friday: Met up with fluent English speaking ភក្តី another investigator of ours in the morning and taught him about most of Plan of Salvation with him! We loves what we're teaching in Khmer and has so much interesting on learning a lot about the English language! He's so fantastic!  Further more on the day we took time to help បុរាណ practice teaching lessons such as the Plan of Salvation! Oh after that we had a big dinner with the Bishop and his family along with our recent convert បង ចន្ធី! Man, the food's just AWESOME over in this mission ever though I know so foods already! Hahaha!

Last Saturday: We spent time doing a whole lot of contacting with in this day along with English Class contacting. During the day the sisters needs my companion Elder Olsen to interview 2 Teuk Thla investigators who's ready for baptism! (Because he's district leader.) 
The days been fun since there's been interesting people to talk to around this area! 

Yesterday: Church's ounce again phenomenal! A couple investigators 
ភក្តី and his brother សំណាង showed up in church on that day and after Church we taught them about how to Pray and reviewed a bit of the Plan of Salvation with them! Later on, we taught an investigator named CAT who's an Rean English Class student and also taught him the Plan of Salvation! He's an awesome guy, loves to understand what we're teaching!  CAT has a unique character I love about him as he's our investigator besides him being a fluent English speaker. He's shared a lot what he's gone through and does try out what we taught him from the spiritual thought session of English Class. He's learn a lot of the importance of the words of wisdom. We invited to be baptized after teaching him he wasn't sure yet, but we'll help him have a stronger desire!   

Well everyone this weeks been a really fun and spiritual as supposedly or usual as I serve here in Cambodia serving my own heritage, it's been a ginormous adventure so far in my mission! I TRULY LOVE MY MISSION despite the hardships! I am doing fantastic! I love to hasten the Lord's work all day and everyday as necessary! 
Ohhhh  បាទ! I have been doing a lot in this mission such as giving blessings to those who really need it and inviting so many to come unto Christ! I really witnessed so many miracles just from taking time to serve the Lord and others in this mission! I wouldn't do all I could along with Elder Olsen, Elder Child, Elder McGavin, and Elder Hall if it weren't for the companionship of Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues to work and dwell along with us! I love ALL who I serve here! I am still very determined to continue to be a better missionary each and every day! It's hard to still believe that I am about quarter of my mission done already my goodness AHH!! HAHAHA!  I guess that's what happens when any missionary... works with diligence, care, charity and LOVE with in this mission!  Well gotta blast! STAY FANTASTIC! I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

- 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Oh yeah!, I want to take take to also testify that the Book of Mormon's another word of God it goes along with the Holy Bible! I know that Joseph Smith Jr.'s a prophet of God, who's translated it with the gift of Holy Ghost and power of God. God's a merciful God! He loves and cares for us! He listens to our prayers! I know that the atonement's so important for each of our lives that as we have faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, we can all strive to become better followers of Christ! Tagging along with my testimony of missionary work/fun!... I testify that missionary work's so important to do! That as each of us take time to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! ...we'll know the Doctrine of Christ a whole lot better than we can ponder! 

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
Just me advertising English Class with Elder Olsen! #កុំគិតថ្លៃFreeFreeReanភាសាអង់គ្លេស!!

YOSO. (You only serve ounce.) Okay, just joking around when proselyting to a bunch of goats. Hehehe! 

Food we ate at the Big Dinner last Friday!

Me, Elder Olsen, and the Teuk Thla Sisters at a big dinner with Bishop of the Pochentong Ward and his family! 

One of me and Elder Olsen's investigator ភក្តី, he's an awesome guy! Loves to learn from us and English hahaha!

Pheakdey's Brother Somnang! Loves to learn about the church as well. He's think a lot as he learned from church with his Brother! ☺ Also speaks English fluently like him. 

Me, Elder Olsen, and Teuk Thla's lunch from yesterday... TACOS!

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