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Episode 18 - Sunday, July 26, 2015

     "រស់...មិនស្លាប់ !" (LIVE...NOT DEAD) Well... my last transfer with Elder Olsen went by so fast! Wow! Hahaha! Since the 24th of JULY just want to tell you all a Happy Pioneer Day!  Here's how'd this week pretty much went! :

Last Tuesday: District Meeting's been excellent! After the meeting me and Elder Olsen did a lot of contacting throughout this day talking finding new investigators to teach in this area! Taught with Look Poo អូន (Oun) an active member who's a "Motto-Dope" about a General Conference talk from Elder David A. Bednar, we invited him to find anyone who wants to learn about this Gospel because it has so much importance anyone's life. Lastly on this day, me and Elder Olsen taught តារា about Obedience and following the Ten Commandments, he's so cool and has a super strong vocabulary... Love him though! He's understood the importance of being obedient and living the Ten Commandments!

Last Wednesday: We visited a less active named Dorum (romanized sorry! Argh! Hahaha!), a very nice and cool អំ or "Ohm". We taught him about Lehi's dream and it's the same central idea about how important it is to take time to keep sharing the Gospel because it helps each and everyone of us on Earth! Took time to search and know many other members with in the area! Plus, do phone calls to meet up with them throughout the week! Before REAN English Program meeting and Class Session. Me and Elder Olson met up with a less active Look Poo named Dong Sobou! (I really need to figure out how to type in Khmer.... hahaha!) A very nice Look Poo who has concern and we taught all we can teach to help him and his family on spiritual needs. Since he's happy to know that we're here for him he invited us for Lunch tomorrow! REAN English Program's been a blast as usual teaching all who attend about Goals and Dreams in the Easy Class. Office Elders joined in this Class session as well to help all who attend to learn about the English language. Super fun!

Last Thursday: After weekly, we've done more CBR searching and doing phone calls for new investigators to extend invitation to have some people learn about Christ and the Gospel! Then, I met along with Elder Olsen a less active member named "Mine" (Sorry romanized again...) and talk with him about the "Come and See" talk (General Conference) and extend invitation for him to share what he's learned about the gospel with his friends. After that we gave a sick and afflicted blessing to a អំ. A returned missionary needed our help to bless her as we came around his area as visit around there.

Last Friday: We went around contacting, do phone calls for potential investigators and member to see how available anyone is... then we taught some less actives around "Odom" named Seang Hong (Pray,reading scriptures and be obedient.), Lina (enduring to the end), and visit Bong Visal to give a sick and afflicted blessing to his wife! 

Last Saturday: Did so much more contacting, but I love talking to anyone around the area about the Gospel. Hehehe! Later on, we met a Look Poo named Gul who's a former investigator who's a friend of Poo Oun (he helped us as well to teach him!) We reminded him about the importance of the restoration of the gospel and why's the Book of Mormon's so important to read and pray about. We committed him to pray and read often in the Book of Mormon so he'll gain stronger faith! Later on, we met a referral from Tuek Thla Elders. Turns out we have 2 new investigators to teach with in the area! Whoo! Then later on tonight we had a huge activity with the Ward that's about Pioneer Day, watching the Legacy Movie dubbed in Khmer and had lots of Khmer food such as Num buh chuk! Mmmmm! Some investigator attended the activity as well! It's been super fun on this day!

Yesterday: Church's been phenomenal as usual! One of our investigator named CAT came to church today and loves to learn a whole lot in Church and the Pioneers about what they've done to travel and hasten what God needs them to do. Oh after Church... there's more left over Num buh chuk! Hahaha! Throughout this day we a lot talked to an investigator that close to the church who works a lot and is determined to learn English. We invited him to baptized and be part of the church because we taught him that what we're teaching is true and has importance for him. (We emphasis for him to really start praying and reading in the Book of Mormon!) Then today with visit Socia and his family! -and share the same message from David A. Bednar! 😁

TRANSFER CALL ALERT! I have new companion coming in this week named Elder Uhi, the tongan OOOOO! Elder Olsen's working in the Mission Home as an Office Elder! He's started working there today! ☺ 

Hey, if anyone of you want come watch or read this general conference talk and share it to anyone! (Click on this link below!)

     Ohhhh  បាទ!  I am still doing phenomenal! Still alive, a little sick but recovering! I will be working with Elder Long and Elieson  (Tuek Thla Elders) throughout this week then meeting up with Elder Uhi this FRIDAY to continue working a whole lot more time in Pochentong! (I will have some time time to teach some people in Pochentong with the Tuek Thla Elders.) 

     Please take some time to read some links I shared with you all in this post it's worth the time to study! I love doing the Lord's work! I love to care, preach and teach with all I can with ALL of my companions and the Holy Spirit in this mission! Til, another week! STAY FANTASTIC! I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! I LOVE TO GET BUSY DOING THE LORD'S WORK!
"That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." - Phillipians 2:10-11
"He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour." -John 1:39

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
Pondering in Rean English Program with Elder Olsen. Helping students learn English. Hahaha!

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FOOD.(Num buh chuk! with Curry. Ohhh man... I love this mission.)

A bunch of members bunched in after Church. Hehehe!

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