Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, Mar. 13, 2016


          Happy St. Patrick's Day in advance! .... Hmmmm saying that in advance made me trunky because my hometown definitely celebrates this holiday! Hehe! Hope you all around enjoy your Shamrock Shakes over and Root Beer over there! So last weeks been fun! Here how'd it all went:

         Last Tuesday, I had a mini exchange with Elder Rom for a while so on that time me and him visited a Bong/ Neakming named Ren who's Less-Active, had no idea who she is (Note: Elder Reeves was in a meeting for a while.) actually met to visit for my first time because I am still very new in the area so me and him met her shared a Spiritual Thought about Praying oftenly and helped encouraging to come back to church it was a nice and simple lesson and there was misunderstand had to fix a bit to let her know about us and let her know that we are truly there whether's anything we can do to serve! Later on we continue to talk and invite many to learn about Christ for a while  then we met with a Bong named Bong Sothea just help him read his scriptures and study it often! Other than we met with a Bong named Srei Pov to help her completely understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

        Last Wednesday, on this day we met a Look Poo named Bol along with wife to teach them about obedience they're nicest Less-Actives ever we're just encouraging them to become more obedient, then later on we met with a Neakming named Soka who's been doing great still remaining faith by showing up to church and being more prayerful! REAN English Program was fun I get to teach a little bit in the Advanced Class using pure English... yeah hahaha we just taught them about manners and the class turned out to be super funny! Yep Good stuff and we present a Spiritual Thought about Repentance along with Elder Morgan! 

        Last Thursday, we were following up with a potentially new investigator that I "nack chuabed" (scheduled to meet)  on Thrusday along with Elder Reeves sadly didn't happen but next time it'll work out! After weekly planning, we went out to contacting some people about the Gospel and then we manage to meet with a long term Less-Active named Bong Dee who's tricky to help him come back to church because seems like he's been doing bad stuff as him and his wife were members.... not fun to see them fall but it's worth to help them come back to Christ! 

        On Friday we had Zone Training! Which has been full of awesome stuff to know what we can do to help this Zone in our areas a lot better to keep improving! On that day if you guys want to scrolled down we helped a less active count a bunch of Bananas Chips from a packing machine which was crazy,stressful, but fun to do this service activity! Hahaha!

        Saturday, we met with one our investigators named Dara who does like to speak English as sometimes, but obviously rather listen in his native language, met him and explained to him about God's Plan! The throughout the day we continues to do some contacting around our portion of the city which is fun to do here and there! Passing out cards and letting all know who we are what we love to do each day! Then lastly, we participated in a Family Home Evening with the Belchers a senior couple that finished their mission a long time ago! Which was fun! I get to help translate in Khmer to English as me, Elder Reeves, and Ward 3 Sisters share a spiritual thought! Fun stuff! 
        Sunday, church's been excellent 2 week withOUT having to have help do the sacrament because Young Mens in the other ward's been willing to help fulfill the sacrament for Church which I am thankful for them to practice there priesthood duties! During church I get to translate for the Belchers and the Oveson throughout Church which is fun but a little complicated at times but fun over all!  

      And so I testify, that if we keep sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the restoration many of those who longed for truth will feel truly grateful! I love my mission, I am still going strong despite the obstacles I go through here with Elder Reeves. I love my newest companion Elder Reeves, we're still doing our best together. I know what we can do in this area is doable and can be handled! With God all things are possible! Love you all! Stay fantastic and BLESSED!

        P.S. AGAIN - If any of my cousins are reading this (if possible) if you know anyone that wants to learn with me and Elder Reeves in Steung Mean Chey Ward 3 about Jesus Christ and His Gospel that lives around here let them know about us! Thanks a ton! I still love to serve my divine heritage I know that this Gospel really helps us for real! 

The following are scripture I would love to share for this post!

 "double minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

 "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him." James 1:12

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." James 1:17
ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់ (With love), ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can Missionary from Syracuse, NY USA
One of the best,memorable, smallest Exchanges I ever had in my entire mission serving mostly in my area in Ward 3, I get to serve in one of the smallest exchange with other Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can from Altlanta, Georgia .... Elder Rom or better yet អែលឌើរ ! #ខ្មែរអាមេរិចយើង
(Fun Fact: Both of our parents/ family's are from Battambang, Cambodia!)

Here's finally what the REAN English Program looks like in SMC! 

Random selfie with Narin the kid in the middle who's one of our investigators... who we met throughout the week. 😀

Last Friday we did a random unexpected service oppurtunity here we help and Less-Active Member on counting bags of sweet banana chips!  It was crazy! Hahaha

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