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Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016

     What's it up my beloved friends, and families! I am here sending this post from Steung Mean Chey and I have alot to shared about what has happened since I arrived to serve in the 3rd Ward. Haha! Here I go!:

     Well, where can I start? .....So I arrive at a super gorgeous apartment not having any idea where did I just transferred to. Then later on the adventure begins with visiting some members already introducing myself to some members, I love meeting although some aren't so active in the church, later on from last Wednesday just to type that up in advance REAN English Program in Steung Mean Chey was super fun, but kinda hectic. I came across just help the participants read and answer some questions of how to pronounce some words (this is Intermediate Class brethren and sisters this bigger than serving a group in Bakou of course.) Then later on I help Elder Beckstead share his spiritual thought translating from English to Khmer which is kinda tricky but we made it work! Hahaha!

     After weekly planning in Thursday, we still continue to visit some members are in-active and then later on this day we met a new investigator his name's Narin, he's another kid but he's a brother of our recent converts Alika! Smart, and funny kid! I love serving in this area already. Then after that we just contact all around town! HA!

     Last Friday's been the most unique day I ever experience in my mission "see what had happened was" as we met some more members around the area, contact some more and came to a Lunch appointment with a member from the International Branch in this mission in Cambodia who's Kenyan her name's Ang. Me, Elder Reeves, and the 1st Ward Elders met her at Pizza Company in Steung Mean Chey, she's one of the most unique members I ever met out of my entire life here's what happened as we came just to have pizza with her as she explained about her life and other unique problems she realized that we didn't order water and so she wonders where the closest grocery stores is we point it out, but then we told her to not worry about but she refused she went out for about ten minutes as we are about to have pizza she came back to sooo much stuff for us.... such as 4 quarts of Sunkist Apple Juice, so many packages of Mi Goreng and other random stuff even ice's by far the most random thing I ever experience and I just arrived in SMC... *shrugs*. Anyways after that we spent time helping the Sisters who serves in our areas to help them know the members since both of the Sisters are white washing! Whoo! Then after we just talk with several people about the Church and invite some to learn with us which was fun! 

      Last Saturday, we met with a couple new investigators in my perspective, happy to see that they want to learn and understand about the Church! 😎
Then we did visit more members especially those who are working on coming back to church oftenly and further we went all over the place talking to more random more people about the Gospel! 

     Church yesterday was ... good isn't the absolute best, had to bless the sacrament the 2nd time ever in Khmer throughout my experience, attendance wasn't too strong, but me and Elder Reeves are willing to still keep at it! I love each of the member who I approached last Sunday. It's amazing that a couple of members who I approached had even lost an arm or leg are still remaining active in the church better than any member I met already! My goodness I actually love this area well, I'll need to run fast because I'll 300 times more busier although the areas small it needs a lot of work done here I'm excited and happy to serve in this new area even around Garbage/ Trash Mountain! Still taking out the trash all day every day in this transfer. Note: The church building is a lot bigger than my last area I finished serving!! Here I gooooo!

 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can MIssionary from Syracuse, NY USA

PS. Elder Reeves, from Houston, Texas the wild and funny one! Love him so much! We'll do great together!
Brethren and Sisters this is ELDER REEVES!

I had arrived to proselyte around Trash Mountain.

Snuck a photo of Ang. (The Unique Member)

Still learning Khmer

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