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Sunday, Mar. 20, 2016


         What's up everyone Happy Easter in advance! I am doing wonderful so far in Steung Mean Chey Ward 3 serving around Trash Mountain itself with Elder Reeves. For this post I'll just give some highlight of how'd this week to make this post straight forward as necessary. 

       So on Last Tuesday where still doing our usual best that all missionaries do which is consistently contact all over the place than all of a sudden we found a new investigator his name is Pii or in other words literal English ...2. Later on Elder Reeves and Elder Beckstead in an exchange managed to showed up and taught him how to pray on Friday while I was in an exchange with Elder Beckstead, this contacted potential investigator isn't the brightest yet, or completely opened to start learning about the Gospel but we'll see about it later on this transfer! "Don't see them as who they are, see them as who they can become" an Area 70 ounce said! It's rare to find a investigator right off contacting, but we'll see how he'll do! 

       On Last Thursday we met a new investigator from one of our recent converts name Bong Kiery, very interesting investigator very open to learn about God from Srei Pov one of our investigators! A excellent first lesson now we're hoping to see if he can starting practicing praying in real intent as we gave him the Book of Mormon! Because the true source of truth is God! 

       REAN English Class was fun from last Wednesday! Me and Elder Reeves taught Advanced Class again! Was a little tricky but fun to teach some Enlgish! Mainly we discuss about several body parts to help those learning further more in English expand their vocab! Then we had an awesome spiritual thought!

      On Friday I had an exchange on St. Patricks Day with Elder Morgan which was fun! While serving with him I apparently contacted actual Filipino people from the Philippines what's kinda funny is they do look similar to Khmer people which was interesting! Hahaha! I love this mission! Members over here are great!

       I am sure so of you may ask how's the Khmer speaking going.... the answer to that is it's still growing, still lots of unique words to learn, and I still have an accent I can't really hide.... but hey! I can speak and preach the Gospel in Khmer that's all I seem to care about whether I speak clear or not at least I still have a strong passionate loving heart that's enough to keep sharing what I know will help us spiritually and physically to! 

       Church's still okay, Elder Woo showed up in Church! (An Area 70!) Shared very straight forward remarks as he came and visited!  I am still hoping some more members in Ward 3 will just sacrifice time to come to the source of peaces which is Church every Sunday soon! We'll see! 

       To break it all down!:I just send this out General Conference is coming soon, mark your calendars! April 2nd-3rd! (I'll probably watch it another week do to recording and sending it to this mission!) Plus, DON'T forget able Easter or better translation I found in the Bible Dictionary the "passover" when Chirst's Resurrected enable for us to be resurrected after this life! I testify that Jesus Christ is truly our savior. God showed us his love by providing us a Savior named Jesus Christ! I know he loves us and I know my redeemer!  I got to dash out in a bit but just to let you all know I am still doing great in this great cause! I love my divine heritage still! 

Stay fantastic and blessed will be sending another post next week! Hope for the best! Me and Elder Reeves got this! #ROVES Have a marvelousEASTER!!!!!

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់ (With love), ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
Elder Ros
      The Legendary ខ្មែរ-i-can Missionary from Syracuse, NY USA

P.S.Why is General Conference important for us to listen and watch? The answer is ....

"Behold, my brethren, he that prophesieth, let him prophesy to the understanding of men; for the Spirit speaketh the truth and lieth not. Wherefore, it speaketh of things as they really are, and of things as they really will be; wherefore, these things are manifested unto us plainly, for the salvation of our souls. But behold, we are not witnesses alone in these things; for God also spake them unto prophets of old." - Jacob4:13

Was tricky to shove all of us in this selfie but I made it work! #FHE (Last Monday!)

Exchanges with the one and only Elder Morgan. (Serving in Ward 1 for the day!)😎

This is Elder Woo from Singapore! I met him few times already in this mission! (Translated for an area 70 for 1st time for the last 2 hours of Church....yep.)

How does anyone not want to come to the Rean English Program or learn about the Gospel with us? They can't resist this! Hahaha!
#REAN #CrankingEnglishClassContactingByANotch

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