Friday, February 10, 2017

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017

        Welcome to my final post of my missionary experience in Cambodia! Where lies my final experiences in my mission! *sigh* Still not believing it's all over, knowing that missions are definitely quick!      

        Geez, my final week's been weird and crazy knowing that me and Elder Rom has been given more Agency in the mission since General Authorities including Apostles allowing the entire mission using our agency to choose for ourselves of what's best in anyone's proselyting area! It's been fun. 

       Getting to the detail I had a chance to meet with a unique investigator known as Bong Samon, could've been an awesome recent if he chooses to. We met him last Tuesday and shared with him about the gospel and all of sudden we invited him to a baptismal date this weekend. He dared to accept it but unfortunate throughout the week he didn't remain committed to his baptismal date throughout this week it's been a disappointment but it takes a ton of patient when it comes to helping investigators to actually progressing especially even getting them to simply show up to church. 

         As I leave off this mission I still hold this testimony like I held to the iron rod like ALL of the time! I testify that if we CHOOSE to come closer to Christ and his teachings we can actually see the joy from it. I faced times when it hard to get a investigator to meet up with us, but yet they show up to church! I had to admit, missionary work isn't easy and I was glad that it never was why?

       Because Salvation is never a cheap experience like what Elder Holland has shared, if we just simply pay attention to the gospel of Jesus Christ when the opportunity is right there when it's right on front of your face, why not take the advantage to sticking with the commitments given by men with white shirts with ties? 

       I loved my mission and I kid you all not! I am not a retired missionary when I comeback in fact I'll just become a "Better" Johnny Ros because there's so much, that I wished I could keep doing that's so good even before my mission and now I am coming back to remain the missionary that I was and what God needed me to be. I don't just know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true just because it is, I studied a unanimous that's just right there it's just a huge question for each and everyone of us on earth on what the heck do actually prioritized on. I am still glad that I made a choice to serve a mission and I done my best! I loved living the time when I know for myself that it's possible to live the "missionary dream"! And I lived! I loved being a missionary and when I come back to Syracuse, NY I sure hope that my home ward is ready with a note book and pencil, pen - something to write with because I surely have a lot to share from my mission experience. 

        There's no other place I rather be other than to do what I did for at least 2 years ago, I know that serving a mission is worth it, I done what I thought is impossible and although I completed my mission in the Cambodia Phnom Penh mission.... it's still not over yet in my life. Watch out everybody បង ប្រុស Ros is debuting as soon as Elder Ros becomes released! Here I come everybody! Oh how excited I am excited to see my family after the quick 2 years that has happened in my life! Geez, I'll type this once more ... I don't want to go!

        I would love to bare appreciation to my ward family in Syracuse, NY from doing all they can to keep me in this mission especially keeping me in their prayers if it weren't for them I wouldn't possibly make the choice to stay and serve in this mission rather. Goodness sakes I was glad I never gave up and quit my mission! I regret nothing from making the choice to serve a mission and I surely hope for the best when I return! Love you and God bless each of you so much who follows up in my post. Well this is it ... again here I come very soon! AHHHH! 😭😂

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏 💓 -អែឌើ ស់😇👥


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