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Sunday, January 22, 2017

     I am still doing okay in this mission. There isn't much I like to share in this other than the fact that me and Elder Rom are still working strong despite personality differences we're still trying hard here are more details:

    In Tuesday, we visited a recent convert known as Bong Reaksa, we're still doing our best to him it's a struggle from circumstance from where he's but we'll keep it up with him. Later on we visited Om Sophal, I just love reading scriptures with members, as we keep reading with him up to Chapter 5 in 1st Nephi. Later on we were working on our new investigator known as Bong Samon who knows English fairly well. He's going through a lot of stuff as well as he's investigating about the church. 

    We also met with Bong Korn, an active member that's always willing to meet with us we were going to teach him or help him work on his family history, but we realized or found out that it was closed but that's okay because we shared scriptures that talk about Lehi's dream and we're we're pushing not only him but other brethren to keep using the priesthood power that's restored! Because using the using Priesthood to administer God's work is super important. 

     Last Wednesday REAN English Program was alright, before that we met up with Bong Chan Thorn to share about the stripping warrior and Helaman, tagging along with that we encouraged him to fulfill his calling as Young Mens President. (We're having Mutuals restored again in the stake/district.) 

      2 more highlights I like to share is:

         I made a return on an exchange to serve in Steung Mean Chey 3 for one day after me and Elder Rom's weekly planning for Chomkarmon. I had an opportunity to serve with Elder Scheifer from Arizona and Lackey from ....darn I forgot. I witnessed very hard working missionaries working hard in one of the smallest areas in the entire mission, it was very impressive for the both of them to develop a ton of investigators here regardless of the difficulty of less-active members. God bless those 2! I loved serving in Steung Mean Chey 3 don't get me wrong as I serve with Elder Reeves, however what I regret during that time in my mission is I wish I just simply have way beyond unconditional love for all of the members there whether they are less active or not in the church. 

      Elder Rom mastered that quicker than I did, but I am working on it today. *sigh* I still doing my best in this mission. I still hope for the best for all of me and Elder Rom's investigators including Om Lot and his kids, I loved visiting them and teaching them as a family. 

     The Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually easier to apply when it's follow as a individual family. Testify that if don't take the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for granted I guaranteed that the joy we have about being a member of the true church will remain with us and surely we want to keep that conversion! I got to dash back to missionary soon! Big stuff's coming soon. HA! Actually Big stuff already happened last week such as 2 area 70s came over to our mission to share with Ward/ Branches including ours now as Elder Woo and Elder Funk! They were awesome. 

     We're still keeping a good eye to another one of our recent convert known as Bong Roatha he's getting a good streak already on making it to church receiving more blessings on receiving more knowledge and doctrines about how we can continue to make our choices and how's free agency's a gift. I testify if we continue to make the choice to continue to follow the teachings of this church we can see our joy of remaining a member in Christ church. I can't really deny my testimony I developed especially in my mission! The love in my mission is still, I appreciate each and everyone of you that keeps me in your prayers. Missions are NEVER easy, and I maybe crazy for typing but I am grateful for difficulty. (That I can grow and learn a lot.) I learn a lot from many members as I served in this mission especially the people I contacted whether it's in English or Khmer. Whatever. I even love the culture as well, thanking Elder Rom. Well got to head God bless you all and stay fantastic!  

P.S. Last Tuesday, we attempted a BEATCHYATEACHYA moment, this method of contact was actually effective I think me and Elder Rom may want to keep that up here in this area it actually works. 

ដោយក្ដីស្រឡាញ់, (With love), 💻🌇
🌏 💓 -អែលឌើរ រស់😇👥

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