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Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015

                    *sigh* I miss listening to the Grinch's theme song! Hope everyone back at home are still enjoying this Christmas month and season already, it's been a another adventurous week as I serve continue to here in Cambodia in Ta Khmao Branch 1 and Bakou here ... are some spiritual/ adventurous experiences I had from last week!: 
      Well, for this post about what I've done within this week I will be very simple about what I've done with my companion throughout that week, and so throughout this week has a whole lot of service, we've going all over the place for member, active and less actives spreading the message Christmas! On top of that me and Elder Xiong had few random service opportunities as we serve with each other for one example around Steoung Chro we helped an active member named Ming Pov on organize a bunch of tree branch so are thick and... some are spiky but don't worry we're good! Plus, organize some metal sheets around to help her just to help her be organize about what she's about to do with this this. (That was from last Saturday!) 

       Yesterday was huge blast, contacting several people at the East District/  South Stake Center about Christmas and the performance all were about to watch. Performance was phenomonal! I felt the Holy Spirit as me and my companion had the oppurtunity to attend a huge Christmas Occasion at the South huge church building!  Church in the morning at Branch 1 was excellent heard from an area 70 from Singapore! Plus, attendance in Bakou was much better. Also meeting up with a less active that came to church who wasn't feeling well but had the courage to come to church which is Ming Saruan! She was having a complicated time last week as we visit him and her son last week, that's also when even continue to teach Roattha throughout that last week! 
       So for this week's post: I just can't wait to celebrate Christmas, there are three things I love about Christmas, besides knowing that's the time of the birth our precious gift which is our savior Jesus Christ. So, this what I am about to explain is a plan that was out of the current Ta Khmao District that we just came up with which is to emphasize the ATONEMENT, FAMILIES, and CHARITY. Out of the three I just want to shared a swift spiritual thought about FAMILIES. For me I can't forget my honest spiritual experiences I had when my mother wants me and my older sister to gather in the Dining Room to just light up some candles, praying and read scriptures referencing about ...You all know CHRISTMAS, we done this throughout the month of December in some nights while I was having recess from Henninger High School! Honestly, I can testify that Christmas is also a time to spend with our own family members to just have love and unity with each other. I kid you all not. I am kinda trunky as I wrote this experience but this is why I LOVE CHRISTMAS. If we just take time to learn to love one another as an actual happy family. This is how anyone can make Christmas a special, sacred, time of there lives as Christmas comes every year! 

       Well, it's about two more weeks left until I Skype with my family soon. So I am excited, but I am just going stay focused and continue on helping the 2 areas as much as I can! You all know what whether if any Cambodians can understand this or not, even though I am born and raised in Syracuse, NY United States of America, I just can't stop admitting this: I just still  LOVE to serve my divine heritage by continuing to share this Gospel which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and SPREADING CHRISTMAS LOVE! So.... I will be shooting another Christmas themed post next week! I love each of you that's kept me in your prayers, each of you are the best! May you all still be blessed as we keep on remembering the true importance of Christmas! Stay fantastic! The series of Elder Ros still continues! 

 ❤ -អែឌើ ស់
"And the angel said unto her, Fear notMary: for thou hast found favour with God. 
And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring fortson, and shalt call his name JESUS." - Luke 1:30-31
"For with God nothing shall be impossible." - Luke 1:37

So me and Elder Xiong went out to help an investigator (Roattha in Bakou) get some Coconuts off of a tall tree, 
unfortunately we couldn't retrieve some off of one these these trees but it's was worth doing our best 
to help another!

Me and Elder Xiong did some more service for a family of members in Bakou by picking off some mini-pine-cones off of this wide amount of rice, then
placing all of this in some bags and place them in their storage! I love random or unexpecting service opportunities!

I'm so glad to see some Kampong Cham folks coming to the Christmas Performance in the East District/ South Stake Center. So, I just want to post this up to make
up from the urgent transfer. (Because I didn't tell them I need to leave quickly to my "new" area. Love these guys so much. (SO FAR, MAN they don't want to miss out "MONG"!) 

So... this is Elder Rom from Atlanta, Georgia! I feel less alone as a Khmer-ican now (OH and he did just fine at the Christmas performance.)...បាទ! 

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