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Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016

                   Ounce again Happy New Years, hope each of you had a safe New Years, making at least one possible good and REAL New Years resolution you can achieve throughout this New Year! (Making weak things strong or choosing to improve to make the best out of ourselves.) 

On this P-day I just play some basketball for my first time in a very long time... and then some Volleyball at the East District/ South Stake Center. Which was fun! 

Here's how'd last week went.:

Last Monday/ P-day, we were still working the 3 cousins that I explained last week about Missionary Work and sharing the Gospel simply with them. Nothing too huge happen on that day, but did what we could.

Last Tuesday, we were still visiting a Young Man named Bong Vi, he's a real nice guy and were continuing to help him come to church often and fulfill priesthood duties (that was done throughout the week!) Then we visited Rith which he'll be explain on Thursday! Then we met with Ming Pov to help her have faith and use the gift of the Holy Ghost! Then we met with Ming Pan to talk about God's Plan! Then Lastly, we taught SiYi and his family about Baptism and Confirmation although they were recent converts we just want to help them understand a bit more about these two ordinances they committed to do as they became members of this Church! :)

Last Wednesday, in Bakou was kinda complicated because there wasn't many to visit because most members were busy or not home as we proselyte, however, REAN English Program (there's better attendance!) at the Bakou Church Building was fun, I get to share a spiritual thought in Khmer instead of me speaking Enlgish just because it bring the Holy Spirit better!!! (We had the oppurtunity to teach Bong Songha at least though! Yeah yeah!)

Last Thursday, working around Branch 1 of TK we still visit a kid named Rith again who's the only in his family but his family is very supportive! Love teaching and reading with him in the Book of Mormon Primary Children's Book! Before visiting Rith, we were visiting a return missionary named Pia or fully Sopia to teach him about gratitude and then we a LONG conversation with his brother, who has a lot of questions, between me and Elder Xiong we were nervous... because his vocab's pretty good, and he's very edgy with our's and his older brother's beliefs, but otherwise the conversation was productive, hope someday this guy can make time to actually learn about the Gospel.

Last Friday, we continue to visit Bong Sombat, to just teach about the Doctrines of Knowledge, it went wonderfully, just showing up to him and know we still care to all members we have the chance to visit! Then later we went to Bakou again, on this day was successful because we get to meet with some members such as some Neakmings with-in this "group" to teach and uplift, including an in-active member  which is Bong Songha as displayed from Wednesday!) Plus, we had the chance to meet Bong Sokrea and her father. Now, the thing is as met them, we caught the Look Poo drinking which was kinda distracting and sad, but we just pick him and ask if we can teach him a lesson about the importance our callings in this church and understand clearly, when we need help to conquer problems we can turn them to God, not to Beer basically. So we were testifying that God does and still care and loves us, he'll help us fulfull His work. (Why some of you ask.) Because all work we do in His Church is His work! And as we do His work, can still receive many blessing as we just do the following commandments.

Last Saturday,  we visited another young man named Pech who lives with a very nice Father, we just continue to encouraged him to remain obedient and loving to his family, and keep up praying and reading scriptures oftenly, later on we visit Bong Vi again to teach God's plan and committed him to invite a friend to learn about God's plan for all of us! Then we met with Ming Pan again to have her make a goal to go attend a temple someday! Then lastly, we met with the "3 cousins" again to teach them simply about learning in church and enduring to the end! 

Church was fantastic as I fellowshipped along with Elder Xiong in Bakou in the morning and Branch 1 in the afternoon! Me and Elder Xiong done a whole lot of translating for the Mission President, his wife, and the Meinzers, a Senior (Missionary) Couple as I described in my past posts! On that Sunday we alot taught the Young Mens for this Sunday about the Priesthood and then after church we continued to teach another of our investigators named Noreak! (Mistaken as Norit) To teach him about God's plan, he's very open to understand what are we teaching and understands clearly about why our goal in this life to be good disciples enable for us to enter the celestial kingdom!

Throughout this week, we had a new investigator that's kid named Rothana... who does want to learn the Gospel and become a member of the church someday! 

So that week was one of the most interesting experience I had serving here in Cambodia. I love serving this mission, can't believe I am already half-way done with this mission in about 18 days left, not that I wanted to count but it's amazing how serving a mission can go by quickly, no matter how much any missionary do in this mission. I am still willing keep going serving on this mission serving my heritage.
I have a couple slogans I want to share that I come up with to really, uplift myself as a missionary of Christ's true church and maybe other Elders, and maybe Sisters can apply this:

I had these things in my mind as I thought about this New Year, I don't really care about numbers as I continue to serve this mission (although I did pay attention a little too much on the contacts I did as I was serving in Kampong Cham) , I do care about sharing my testimony that I worked so hard to keep, maintain, and share to those who needs to feel the power of my testimony and how this Gospel helped me and my family! I am always striving to stay converted as much as I can as I keep serving here. I know many still needs to hear specifically from me. I am going to be leading the 2 areas a lot but I know I can do it so I can keep up the work! Transfer calls in the corner I am going to have a new companion soon so that exciting, although I am probably staying in the 2 areas! 

So throughout most of my time in this mission, I can explain a bit about how am I doing with learning the Khmer language, well... it's a whole lot of work to develop the gift of tongues, I can't guarantee that I am fluent, just because I have this, American New York English accent, but I don't really pay attention too much about how "clear" I speak, but I still do speak from the heart, love and holy spirit. Don't read that wrong I am still willing to improve and keep it up. Khmer is definitely not an easy language to learn. President Christensen came up to me one time as church in Bakou was over, and he expressed how very pleased he was when I translated Sister Meinzer's testimony from English to Khmer!  

Well, I have to go just want to remind you all to stay awesome, and fantastic, if any of you have any questions about my mission so far, don't feel to shy to ask at all! Love you all! 

"And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God." - D&C 14:7
My first ever scripture mastery I love dearly that sealed in my heart!

❤ -អែឌើ ស់
I only have three words about this photo.... New Years Eve.

This is what I look like most of the times I travel to Bakou with my Bike along with Elder Xiong.

My companion Elder Xiong messing around with Ming Pan's pigs. They're pretty big.

This Pomeranian-like dog of a member's reminds of my pure bread Pomeranian Prince from home, I was so distracted (as I felt in love with it's cuteness by this dog) then again, I was visiting a member named Ming Ang along with Elder Xiong to check how's she's doing if she needs anything. This guy's bigger than my dog at my home.

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