Monday, June 8, 2015

Episode 11 - Laziness is a sin. Sunday, June 7, 2015

      Well, well, well... I am  close to be done... being trained from my "dad" Elder McGavin to my "step-dad" Elder Child. Last weeks been a hectic one, but I am still living. 
It's been another crazy, and "mostly" adventurous week in Ta Khmao! (Had to be very honestly brief about this week!)

Last Tuesday: Had an exchange with Elder Chao!!! ... again! And .... an Elder I don't really respect named Elder Kim, throughout this day... I wasn't able to proselyte with both of the brethren because Elder Kim shows NO true desire to serve the Lord.... meaning he slept in for the day. Elder Child had experience with this Elder already so I kinda know what was coming. Me and Elder Chao don't want to bother Elder Kim at all as he sleeps in...  because we don't want to pull a BIG problem or Fuss...with him... *sigh* That's all how I want to describe this day! I love Elder Chao he's been awesome has true desire to serve the Lord with me, but Elder Kim, my goodness what a sad thing that he just want to serve a mission just so he can "earn" or get himself a Moto from his Brother. I spend this day on doing a whole... lot of studying in the apartment in most of this day... 

Last Wednesday: Had another exchange with អែលឌើរ ឈូក or Elder Chouk, a way better time than yesterday, I found a Investigator's home with him within my area as Elder Chouk helped me find this investigator! This investigator's named មីង ណារី and has a grandson who's very interested on learning about the Church!  So glad we found her and the family who really wants to be baptized. She and her family were taught a lot about the Gospel!  Later on, on this day I and the Sisters taught a Lesson in English Class in a big class session about words that has the letter X on them! It's been to teach many who wants come to learn the English language and the Gospel! 

Last Thursday: On most of this day! (Reunited back to work/fun with Elder Child) We just had Zone Conference...First and Last Zone Conference for me to hear from President and Sister Moon, because we have a new mission president who's serving in this mission soon named President and Sister Christensen! I love Moon's remarks in Zone Conference and I learned so much from them! During the session of Zone Conference they emphasized on how to explain investigators and members about how to feel the most spiritual experience when partaking the Sacrament every week at best! The Zone Conference in the East Zone ( Zone, where I work in) was fantastic! Me and Elder Child apply these lessons to our lessons to share with some members and less actives! Hope we'll help many feel more uplift and have greater desire to KNOW the invitation of Christ and accept or continue to accept his invitations! 

Last Saturday: Had to visit the SOS Medical Facility to get my foot checked again, so I can continued to proselyte and invite many in my area to come to Christ! We just continued to visit members and less-actives and share decent lessons about the true importance of the Sacrament which we all partake every Sunday! We went to Kah Koh to visit members and share to same lesson. Were going to meet មីង គន្ធា but we couldn't because it's been raining there and she's somewhere else from farther distance! Bike got busted while driving back home from Kah Koh!

Yesterday: Fast and Testimony Meeting! Heard so many fantastic testimonies in church! I even bore testimony and really explain we can all truly apply the atonement in our lives every week by being willing to partake of the Sacrament! Oh and a part of my ward family visited me! Hahaha!
Gotta blast quickly sorry I couldn't say as much as what I've been doing, but I am becoming a lot more busier hastening on the Lords work with Elder Child! Thank you all so who's been consistently praying for me! Love you all!  I am going to keep pressing on! Hopefully this week I'll be able to help many more to come to Christ! HOLDING TO THE IRON ROD! GOD SPEED!

ជំរាបលា!, -អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
My busted inner tube from the way back from Kah Koh! *Sigh* It's alright we took a tuk-tuk back home saftely!

​Welcome to Ta Khmao Branch 2 Brother Johnson thanks for visiting me HAHAHA! Love you Brother!

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