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Episode 10 - Exchanging in Training these days. Sunday, May 31, 2015


           I remember throughout my mission, I heard several individuals read my name tag and said/react the following "Oh Elder Live?! LIVE .... Not dead!" Hahaha!  I had a terrific week in តាខ្មៅ!  Lots of things got a lot better throughout my time with Elder Child last week!  Here's how the Missionary Fun went last week! (Briefly):

Last bit of P-day and Tuesday: Had an exchange for a couple days with អែលឌើរ ចៅ! (Elder Chao) A native Elder from Phnom Penh! We just did some contacting or talking to some people with in the area and taught the guards of the Branch I work in! Plus, I visited a family I haven't met in a while with him, seeing how they were doing and taught them a lesson on the importance of Agency! Elder Chao's great! He even speaks English super good it's amazing! 

Last Wednesday: Me and Elder Child taught a lesson in English Class in the Easy Area about the Letter T and pronouncing "T-h"'s like the words. It was super fun teaching. From a Khmer's perspective from learn English saying the TH sound's kinda complicated. Hahaha! I love to selflessly teach many of the English language! 

Last Thursday:  Visited Svay Rolom to discover some parts of the area I didn't visit yet. Attempted to find the Devil's playground. (Couldn't still find it!) We spent a whole lot of time contacting some people in Prek Ho and then we taught a lesson to a guard of the Church! 

Last Friday: We got really busy on this day! As we proselyted in Prek Ho and other parts of the area I don't completely know! We just friendly talk to many people about the Church! (Although some people may not call us, we love to develop some friendships with people we take time talking to.) Officially discovered new parts of the area I never visited yet like the Devil's Playground!

Last Saturday: Kah Koh! Going to farthest area of the Branch ounce again... by Bike  me and Elder Child work in! Taught another lesson to our investigator Ming Kunthia, Kunthea, Konthea or... មីង គន្ធា! (with another member to help us!) We taught her about The Gospel of Jesus Christ! She has so much desire to be baptized that we scheduled her Baptismal date to be on the 14th of JUNE! She's been practicing praying to Heavenly Father a lot with her older Sister who's already a member! 

Yesterday: (We did a bit of contacting near the church and then meet a investigator I hadn't met for a while because he said he was really busy named Roat or រ័ត្ន! He's been taught a lot of the Church from past missionaries. I am sure some you are familiar with this individual from one of my last Blog posts!) Church's been phenomenal again!  មីង គន្ធា has came to church many times already! In this Sabbath day, we had another PEC Meeting with the current Takhmao Branch 2 President before Church starts. Throughout this session of church we watched a half hour movie of Jesus Christ and His atonement! With the congregation! The Holy Spirit has been strong throughout this day, even when I was fasting, hoping to be able to find new investigators very soon throughout this transfer with Elder Child this upcoming week! 

        Me and Elder Child are really hoping to find new investigators, and CBRs we haven't met yet as we continue to serve here! (The week was centralized on a whole lot of contacting and discovering new parts of the area so that we can continue to invite many to Christ better!) It's been a really fun week last week! មីង គន្ធា has been one of the most solid investigators we had yet and she's super close to becoming Baptized! Some of you may wonder about Yu Lim or យ៉ូលីម from one post, haven't met him in a while or a couple weeks so we don't have a baptismal date for him yet. However, we're hoping he'll come back to English Class so we can teach him more of the Gospel and have a Baptismal date! I love my mission so much.   I really hope each and everyone of you reading this are doing fantastic!

        Thank you all who's been keeping me in your prayers, each of you are "Fantastic"!! (A bit of you might catch this reference.) I still have a testimony that Missionary Work is one the absolute best ways to serve the Lord! I love doing so much selfless work as much as I can with Elder Child for the Lord! I learned so much from my "step-dad" Elder Child! He's taught me so much as I finish my training as he's my current trainer!! I believe in miracles, and I will never deny them throughout this mission! I have a lot of LOVE for all I have been serving within the Branch! This mission makes me know the Doctrine of Christ a WHOLE lot better! Well, I am going to keep this up! Love you all! (Gotta blast!) I am going to do my best to stay positive in this mission! 

I honor part of this post to Elder L. Tom Perry an apostle, who passed away. Thank you for all from your marvelous counsels that are of the Lord! God bless you!   

"And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they coulbear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." 
- Mosiah 24:15

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
Me and Elder Chao! From last week's exchange!

Biking through some plants around Svay Rolom! In Ta Khmao!

​Just Me and Elder Child discovering "the Devil's Playground". We found the area! Now, that we did, we can do the best we can teach more CBRs! Ohhh បាទ!!! (Members homes, I and Elder Child didn't visit in person yet.)

As I was discovering more of my area in Prek Ho with Elder Child. Here is a drowned home perhaps from the past Rainy season! (Rainy Season hasn't started yet.)

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