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Episode 9 - The search for the Devil's Playground. Sunday, May 24, 2015


         I had a better week than last, still tough, but it's been a great one! Here's how that week went:

Last Tuesday: Had a good District Meeting that's centralized about the Branch and District leaders. Throughout this day, I did some contacting for English Class, I love contacting for English Class! This day me, Elder Child, and a Branch Missionary went to go visit a Less Active woman in Prek Ho named Ming Sophoan, as we met her and wanted to share a lesson with her than all of a sudden it turns out that she lost so much faith, just because the Look Poo (her husband) of the family had turned angry at The Church because he assumes that the Church has a lot to do with him being fired from his Job he used to have. However, that's not the case... it's the Service Center that fired him from him not doing his job. Me and Elder Child bore testimony of The Church and Faith in Jesus Christ to her. (We really did the best we can to invite her back to Christ.) It really sucks, that this family has NO desire to come back to church. That broke my heart for a little while. However... we all have agency. 

Last Wednesday: Supposedly, in the morning, the current Takhmao missionaries including me visit a member's home to do service, however we couldn't do it because the member's not home and so can't do the service that she wanted us to do.... In English Class, we were teaching the advanced class on how to pronounce the letter X and how it's pronounced in some words, we helped them to read and understand what to say, and how to say some words in English! We even go around helping them fill out sample resumes in the Lesson so that way they can have a idea on how to fill out Resumes in the future. Which's super fun! 

Last Thursday: Me and Elder Child took time to find a particular area in Prek Ho called The Devil's Playground, while attempting to find this area as it's raining on our way Biking, we had so much complications on finding this particular area, that we can't find it. So we just contact people to just talk about the Church, converse with some people about English Class!

Last Friday: We just took time to visit other Less Actives in our area in Ta Khmao and explained the importance of agency! Plus visited a couple of active members and encouraged them to make good use of agency so that we can continue to have true happiness and peace our lives. (We even discussed examples and blessings what happens when we use agency for good!)

Last Saturday: We visit another Less Active Member named Look Poo Vwibol who lives around in Svaay Rolom, who has complications of coming back to church. We just took time to discuss some scriptures and shared the same lesson about Agency! Then we visited Kah Ko! To visit some members home and discuss the same lesson. Later on, we had to go home a bit early because Elder Child wasn't feeling so well. However, he got better quick has he needed to rest in our apartment.

Yesterday: Church's been phenomenal! Had a Priesthood Executive Meeting with the 2/3 of the Branch Presidency and the Elder's Quorum President. After Church we taught another lesson with Ming Kunthea about the Plan of Salvation other members or her friends joined in! (and a Branch Missionary joined and help us as well) It was super fun to explain the plan of salvation to her. Spirit was strong as I explained with Elder Child every part of the Plan of Salvation in one lesson! I just love the moments when I help anyone come closer to Christ and become Baptized. (Now, all the glory goes to God as I teach her with Elder Child, and I bare witness that it's the gift of tongues that helps me a lot in this mission! )

         Well, at this time I want to explain the importance of placing trust in God in all that we do in life. If we were to take time to trust God that he'll help us in our needs physically and spiritually he'll always be here for us! I am still determined to keep serving the Lord. No matter, how much difficulties I face in this mission, I will still keep serving the Lord with the best I got! I will NEVER call God a liar when he called me to serve here in Cambodia! I know God loves me and ALL of us and he's the true miracle worker, I am here to be the best instrument I can for the Lord! Please keep me in your prayers. I love you all! I thankful to have Elder Child to be another trainer for me! (Get a load of this last week I learned to make stir-fry or Chaa! Thanks a lot Elder Child! Love you "Step-dad"! Hehehe!)

"Pray always, that you may comoff conqueroryea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work." - D&C 10:5

"God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were."
—Dale G. Renlund

-អែលឌើរ រស់ (Elder Ros)
From last P-DAY! SHOUT OUT for the Seneca River YSA Branch Thank you all so much 
for sending me your thoughts to me! I love you all so much! You're all awesome!

​I just love this Branch Building. 


One day when we were finding a place in Prek Ho called "The Devil's Playground"... (Shoes and pants got muddy while trying to find this particular area in this day.)

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